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10 Great Futuristic Sci-Fi City Builders

Try these fantastic futuristic sci-fi city builders for city builders lovers looking for a new perspective.

Tired of automobiles, oxygen, and crude skyscrapers? Then go to the sci-fi future of city builders, where everything is either in space or in a grim post-apocalyptic world.Sci-fi city builders have more latitude in their laws; their setting permits them to defy some modern conventions.

As a result, they’re more engaging and engrossing, especially when set in an implausible chronology or alternate world. Regardless, the sci-fi city construction games listed below should give gamers an opportunity to make the digital future a little brighter.

Aven Colony

In some far-off imaginary future, humanity has finally discovered another home planet to call its own (and, eventually, to pollute again). It’s known as Aven Prime, and it’s ready for some city-building. Players must make this colony as human-friendly as feasible as developers.

But it’s an alien planet with a harsh and exotic environment—one that, at first, isn’t suitable for humans.Aven Colony’s futuristic take on becoming a mayor and the complexities of settling into new extraterrestrial planets will undoubtedly appeal to sci-fi fans.


Frostpunk is set in an alternate reality near the end of the Industrial Revolution. Instead of entering the Modern Age, the Earth froze over, thus ending civilization as we know it. Only a small group of people remain, and they must tighten their belts and prepare for a perpetual winter with the few raw materials and food they have.

To that reason, Frostpunk is also one of the most desperate survival games available. The atmosphere is powerful and real, sending shivers down players’ spines. Players not only construct facilities, but also pick what repressive edicts to implement in order to keep society’s remnants running.

Airborne Kingdom

Have you ever wished to create a gorgeous kingdom in the sky in a steampunk setting? The game for it is Airborne Kingdom. It’s one of the most unique entrants in the city builder genre, thanks to its bright art style and unique simulation principles.

At its essence, the game is about constructing and maintaining a floating metropolis while also assisting the people below, much like Elysium for the privileged. Players can traverse the countryside with these megalopolis marvels because their city floats in one of the most gorgeous perspectives on city building ever.

Anno 2205

Anno 2070 also counts, but Anno 2205 is the stronger candidate due to its wider jump into humanity’s future. In Anno 2205, humanity became dissatisfied with Earth and relocated to the Moon. In addition, the moon proved to be a generous supplier of a new raw resource that will transform human energy.

As a result, the game has players jumping back and forth between their Earth and Moon colonies in order to establish a robust economic pipeline that will preserve Earth from deterioration. Anno 2205 boasts one of the most advanced graphics and representations of the future of any Anno game, making it feel more unique than its prequels.


Planetbase is yet another colony simulator and base builder, however this time it takes place on a desolate planet far from Earth’s comforts. Players must terraform and colonize the planet, which comes with its own set of problems.

The majority of the time, players must adopt the roles of architect and manager as they command and delegate their colonists. Aside from the red desert planet, other planet types include frozen, gas giant, and storm, giving players a good variety.

Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars, a desert planet, is another contender in the sci-fi city builder genre. Simply said, it’s about conquering Mars. In this regard, it resembles Planetbase and other games about terraforming and populating another planet.

The learning curve is quite steep due to the abundance of systems and features; players may become overwhelmed as survival factors are introduced into the mix. Surviving Mars, on the other hand, is more than just immersive due to its attention to detail and realism.

Cliff Empire

Cliff Empire is an excellent suggestion for its unique perspective on science fiction.Cliff Empire depicts a planet after a nuclear war; the surface became inhospitable, therefore the rest of humanity resorted to erecting cities high up in the highest mountains, thus the game’s title.

And, indeed, the cities that players can construct in Cliff Empire are breathtaking. This city builder features some of the most stunning visuals and art styles in the category. It’s unforgettable when combined with the unusual location; it’s like having a miniature digital diorama of a city. The nice part is that those pictures don’t put too much strain on the average gaming PC.

Imagine Earth

When it comes to enticing art styles, Imagine Earth is one of the most innovative. In this game, players must also create colonies on faraway worlds. The difference is that the art images in Slope Game are semi-cartoonish in scale.

While building and managing the planet, players will be able to see the curvature of it. This gives the game a Civ-like feel, which is intentional given that the game also functions as a 4X title in addition to being a city builder.

Endzone – A World Apart

If players are seeking for something as depressing as Frostpunk, Endzone – A World Apart is right up there. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic future when the Earth is continuously under threat from radiation, poisonous rain, sandstorms, and droughts.

These are only a few of the difficulties that players will confront while attempting to reconstruct humanity. Because conventional resources are scarce, players must make do with scraps, constructing dingy hovels and crude contraptions for their citizens. It’s no utopian future, but who’s to blame?


Ixion puts its unique spin on the genre. It takes place in space, specifically on a space station platform, rather than on planetary solid ground. As a result of the logistical nightmare inherent in establishing a colony in the void, construction space is ironically more constrained.

However, this should make the game more intriguing. Players must then balance resources, exploration, and infrastructure to keep what’s left of struggling humanity alive, most likely because the billionaires in this game’s reality didn’t fund space missions adequately owing to their Twitter obsession.



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