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4 killer EZ Curl Bar Exercises For Bigger Biceps

The EZ curl bar is a barbell accessory designed to help you improve your biceps curls. They are still a great tool for beginners or anyone looking to add more variety to their arm workouts. EZ Curl Bar Biceps Curls are an outstanding biceps exercise that targets the center of your upper biceps.  In fact, any curl that’s done with a straight or EZ curl bar tends to do an excellent job of bulking up your biceps. This article will provide you with 4 killer EZ curl bar exercises that will help you to gain more strength, have more fun, and get bigger biceps in the process. But before proceeding further let me tell you that if you are planning to get indulged in any type of exercise make sure to wear highly comfortable and stretchable gym workout clothes in order to make your workout sessions more convenient and easygoing. 

What Exactly Is An EZ Curl Bar?

The EZ Curl Bar is a type of weight training equipment that is similar to the straight barbell bar but it is available in a zigzag shape in order to offer more comfort. It mainly engages your biceps and forearms muscles. The EZ Curl Bar is a great tool for increasing the amount of force that you generate during your biceps curl. 

Performing The Curl Exercise With The EZ Curl Bar. 

  • In order to perform the EZ Bar curl, begin in a standing position while holding the bar on the external curves. 
  • Your hands ought to be shifted somewhat in an inward direction because of the bar position. Your elbows ought to be near your sides.
  • Now, extend your arms and breathe out while twisting the bar in an upwards direction towards the chest with the help of your forearms. 
  • When you arrive at the top point of the curl, hold briefly while your biceps are engaged. Now breathe in and get back to the beginning position.
  • Repeat the exercise again. 

Note: you can also add variations to this exercise by incorporating the narrow as well as wide grip. 

Reverse Curl Exercise. 

When it comes to big arms, the barbell reverse curl is a great exercise to include in your routine. It’s a relatively easy exercise to perform as it focuses on just two muscle groups, the biceps, and the forearms. The biceps muscles grow twice as thick on an EZ curl bar as opposed to a normal straight bar because the forearm muscles are being forced to perform the opposing motion needed to curl and isometrically contract against the tension of the weight.

How to perform. 

1. In order to perform the exercise, stand straight on your feet and grasp a weighted EZ Bar at midriff level in an opposite (reverse) grip.

2. Gradually lift the bar towards your shoulders, crushing your lower arms, and holding for a count.

3. Get back to the beginning position

4. Repeat the exercise again, make at least 10 to 12 repetitions. 

Performing Preacher Curls With EZ Curl Bar. 


The preacher curl is a great exercise that also helps you develop an aesthetic and shapely bicep. If you want to know how to do preacher curls with an EZ curl bar, keep reading. 

How to perform.

  • In order to perform this workout you need an EZ curl bar as well as a preacher bench. 
  • Get yourself seated on the preacher’s bench and ask someone to pass you the EZ curl bar to perform the exercise. 
  • Now hold the bar with the inward twist, and make sure your grip should be a narrow one, not the standard one. 
  • Start the exercise when the bar is situated at the level of your shoulders and biceps curved. 
  • Inhale, and gradually start lowering the bar until your biceps are completely extended, and your arms fully straight. 

Performing Upright Row  With EZ Curl Bar?


Your biceps brachii is one of the prime movers in the shoulder joint. The main function of your biceps brachii is to help you extend and flex your elbow joint. Since this is a muscle you use often, it stands that the best way to build a well-defined pair is to use exercises that will activate your biceps while they are at an extended elbow position. The upright row EZ curl bar is a great exercise that fulfills these criteria.

How to perform. 

  • In order to perform this exercise, you need to hold the bar at your midsection with the help of an overhand grasp, hands lined up with your shoulders, and make sure there is a bit of twist in your knees as well. 
  • By keeping the bar closer to your torso, twist your elbows in order to lift it up closer to your jawline. 
  • Hold on to this position for a few seconds and then start lowering the bar at a downward position. 
  • Repeat the exercise again.


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