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5 Beginner Tips And Tricks For Aka

Before you start playing Aka, pay attention to these tips for beginners.

Aka is a cozy life simulation game where you play as a red panda, meet new people, make things, and clean up the island. The goal of the game is up to you. Aka gives you a lot of freedom from the start, so you can do whatever you want.

There’s a lot to do, and the game leaves you on your own, so it can be hard to figure out where to start. Before you get too confused by all the different methods in Aka, we’ve got all the beginner tips you’ll need to get started.

Take The Train

Just west of your house is an easy-to-miss train track where a carriage comes and goes every now and then. This train car will take you to a different part of the island with shops and buildings that can be useful.

Here, you’ll learn about the fun card-collecting game that Aka has made.There will also be a library with songs and recipes, a shop where you can buy different hats, and a place to recycle. If you find five pieces of trash on the island and bring them to this stall, you’ll get a special gift each time.

Craft All Of Your Tools From The Start

Aka is both a place to make things and to hang out. In the usual way of making, this means that you’ll have to cut down trees, pick at rocks, and cut grass to get materials and build things, and then the cycle will start all over again. Your shovel, hoe, axe, and watering can are the most important tools you have. Your sword is already unlocked.

You’ll want to get these as soon as possible because you’ll need them to get more making materials. But these items can also let you get into new places. For example, you need an axe to break down a wooden gate.You can build these pieces of gear at the bull’s house, which is right next to yours.

Read Thom’s Book

Thom is waiting for you on the roof of your house. He can give you some first tips, but the real gift is in his hut. Here is where you can find his pot, which is needed to make some food recipes. On the side, there will also be an open book.The book has a lot of helpful knowledge that the game’s tutorials don’t cover.

It tells you all kinds of useful things about gardening, like how to use a hoe, as well as some advanced and obscure knowledge. For example, different plants and vegetables grow better or worse based on what animals and plants are around them. Learn how to grow better by reading this book.

Build The Boat

When you start your trip, you’ll be able to walk south from your house to the beach. On the beach, you’ll find an NPC with a broken boat. If you talk to them, you’ll start a quest that will require you to find different things to fix and rebuild the boat.

This quest should be one of your first goals because getting the boat lets you explore more of the game, but it will take a while to gather all the materials you need. Spreading your friend’s ashes is the main goal of Eggy Car game, but you can’t do that until you get the boat.

Interact With Everything

Some Aka quests can be done the old-fashioned way, by talking to random NPCs. You’ll get a quest from these NPCs, and it’s up to you to finish it. But in Aka, a lot of tasks start by accident.

Since the goal of the game is to clean up the island, picking up a trash can or cutting down a piece of wood will also start their own tasks. If you see something new on the floor, even if it looks like trash, pick it up and use it. Most likely, it will start a new quest.



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