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5 Must-Check Specifications Of Buying a Ship Ladder For Residential Use

You would be surprised to know about various small and cramped spaces inside your home. Most of them may be overlooked as you did not have any reason to utilize them so far. Yet, such areas need to be insulated and kept clean to keep the home spotless and fully functional.

Trying to access those hard-to-reach spots may seem impossible but you can find the right solution by investing in a quality ship ladder for residential use.

While it is a challenge not to be overwhelmed by the range of such ladders, you must be sure of focusing on safety that takes precedence. Check out the “Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)” standards and insist on compliance. Everything else can follow once you are convinced that the ladder is safe for accessing difficult spots.

Sure, the basic standards that need to be complied with are set according to industrial requirements. Rest assured! The ship ladder that you are going to use in and around your home needs to match the specifications too.

It helps to know that the OSHA-compliant ship ladders have an incline between 50 to 70 degrees. Plus they contain open risers, rails, and treads as specified by OSHA. Sure, the ladders can fit into small and narrow spaces but the steps may be ascended with care and you would have to be observant when using the ship ladders meant for accessing heights.

It is important to approach a company that comes highly recommended. You will be able to source ladders suited for your purpose and compliant with OSHA standard features.

You will thus be able to get the following included within the ladder:-

  1. There are rails on each side of the ladder. However, you are welcome to contact the manufacturer if the rails cannot be accommodated due to lack of space. The concerned manufacturer is sure to provide customized solutions that ensure satisfaction.
  • It is advisable to inform the company about the use of the ladder. You do not want the gap between the door and the top of the ladder to be too great. Minimizing the gap helps to reduce the risk of slip & fall considerably.
  • The ladders are used to access those difficult-to-reach spots. This is usually done when you are reconstructing the attic, basement, or crawl space and/or adding insulation to it. Climbing the ladder when carrying a load can put you at risk. It is important to select a ladder that is capable of reducing/eliminating the gap as needed.
  • A good quality ladder should be capable of bearing five times the limited load.
  • Do be careful about asking about the distance of the central rung from the surface of the structure. Look for a product that is at least4 inches away from the structure. This will enable you to ascend without bumping into hard edges.

Do not look for any other material except aluminum when purchasing a ship ladder for residential use. You would benefit by opting for the aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum alloy that is used for designing the ship ladder as per your requirement.


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