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6 Best 2022 Champions In League Of Legends, Ranked

How do the Champions of 2022 compare?

The League of Legends community always gets ready for the worst when a new star joins the team. Riot always releases champions with overpowered stats and kits that break the game. Then come a few weeks of pain as the makers slowly tweak the champion to make it fair. After a few months, the cycle starts all over again.

Riot didn’t do anything different last year, when it added six meta-defining champions to its huge pool of champions. Each of these champions filled its own area with new tricks and gimmicks that caused a riptide in waters that were already shaky. Their initial anonymity and unknown threat are instant reasons to ban them, but if you want to ride these new waves, get ready for a wild ride.


Nilah is the last champion released in 2022. It might not be fun to see the first champion at the bottom of the list. This means that she never feels anything but happiness. This doesn’t stop her from being a good champion, even though her kit and most common build are mostly about hitting fast and staying alive in a tank-dominated game.

She doesn’t get picked as often as the other champions, and her 50.6 percent win rate is low but good. Even though she was the first official botlane melee champion, her happy entry into the game did not change anything. She was broken, not because she changed the meta, but because the champion is broken in a technical sense, as shown by the fact that several bug fixes were made after she came out.


The League community has been waiting for a new monster champion for a long time, since the other champions who pretended to be monsters were actually just cute half-monster champions. Bel’veth, the queen of the void, finally satisfies this hunger by pretending to be a manta ray until she shows her true form and slaps the void out of you.

Bel’veth is picked and banned a lot more often than Nilah, but she has a lower win rate to compare it to. Bel’veth’s kit is very complicated, and it could be scary to try it out because her passive and active powers are almost written like books. Even so, many of you still chose her and didn’t want to play with her even though she was banned. It was too strong for the boss of the void, whose power was getting weaker patch by patch.


Who needs to be strong and powerful if you have money? A champion who can bring an ally back to life in the middle of a fight is a must-have for any team. This is where Renata really shines, because a perfectly timed bailout can make or break a game. Not only that, but her coins can drive enemies crazy and make them attack their friends. Creating confusion on Summoner’s Rift is always fun to do.

Renata boasts a win rate of an amazing 51.6 percent. Even though she is hard to play, because her kit depends so much on events, she is very useful to her team. She has an Imperial Mandate built in, so she doesn’t have to slow or stop enemies to get it. She might have the lowest rate of getting banned out of all the 2022 champions, but this could mean that her main job is to support and that carries are always the ones who get banned first. Still, if she is well-built, she can also carry a game if you turn off chat so you don’t get mad.


Don’t be fooled by the fact that Zeri looks almost like a Disney princess. She’s not a princess and can mow down enemies on the battlefield. She can burst, skate-dash, parkour, shoot lasers, and release a huge bolt of electricity while raising her damage and speed to follow up. She’s the third most-picked character because her game is like a roller ride.

The number of times a champion has had to be nerfed to make the meta work with the champion’s launch is a sign that the champion is broken. How many times has Zeri’s gear been weakened through patches? More than 50 times. Even with the latest patch, she’s still getting nerfed because she’s such a monster.


It’s a known fact that grief changes people. Based on K’sante’s lore, his loss of his previous partner tempered his ruthlessness. It’s a good story for him to tell after he throws an enemy champion against a wall and then backstabs him. This proud monster hunter can both protect himself and fight. He can protect his team and pull high-priority enemies away from the team fight. So they can fight him one-on-one quickly.

K’sante is the most famous of all the 2022 champions. And it’s not just because of his fancy and en grande prestige skin (thanks, Lil Nas X, for that fire crop top). His only problem is that he doesn’t win as often as he should, which may be because he just came out and Spacebar Clicker game is hard. Still, the fact that K’sante is banned so often shows how dangerous she is. No one wants to get hit by Ntofo, which is a big blunt tool, a shield, and two blades.


Udyr is the winner out of all the 2022 champs, which may seem strange. The Udyr update almost made him a new champion with a different set of items. That might be hard for someone who doesn’t play Udyr to recognize. No longer does he have the monkey, turtle, or bear stances. Instead, he now has the lightning, steel, fire, and ice stances. Each with a new awakening effect that makes the spirit walker even stronger. Also gone is that big skirt. Udyr has gotten rid of the old drip and now goes naked to show off that bomb dad bod.

Only K’sante is more famous than Udyr. But his incredible win rate and highest ban rate put all the other champions to shame. He is at the top of the jungle god-tier tier lists for both high and low elo. He is a scary force that made the whole meta shake. Udyr tops this list of champions launched in 2022 because he has been called a “masterclass of rework.”



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