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6 Best Figures Of Egyptian Mythology For A God Of War Game

With the God of War series exploring different mythologies, it would be fun to see which Egyptian figures would make great bosses.

The popular God of War series is known for how it looks at well-known myths. The first game in the series was about Kratos, a man who was obsessed with getting back at the Greek gods who had hurt him. He kills most of the Olympian gods over the course of the first three games and a few spin-offs. When it came time to bring Kratos back for God of War in 2018, the writers at Santa Monica Studio chose to focus on Norse mythology, which was a huge hit. Once the Norse storyline is over, it’s possible that other mythologies will show up in future games.

Egypt is one of the ideas that could be used for a future game. The creators are interested in this idea. Egyptian items that showed up in Tyr’s vault in the 2018 game God of War were a hint that this might be the case.Egyptian folklore is about a lot of different things, like strange monsters and the famous gods with animal heads. There are a lot of interesting figures that would work well in a God of War game set in Egypt. Some of these would make great bosses, and some would make great friends. But it would be interesting to see all of them come to life.


In Egyptian myths, people believed that their souls would be judged after they died. This is something that many religions believe. In this case, it was a rite where Anubis used the Feather of Truth to measure each person’s heart. If the heart was lighter, that meant the person was good and could go to the future. But if the person had been mean in life, their heart would be dragged down and fed to Ammit, a monster that looks like a strange mix of a lion, a crocodile, and a hippos. The Egyptians were scared of this monster because it would keep them from going to the future.

A boss fight with something like this would make sense for Kratos, especially since God of War has already done this in both its Greek and Norse versions with mythical afterlives.


Ammit might seem scary, but compared to Apophis, the other monster of the Duat, she’s not very scary at all. Apophis is the Egyptian god of chaos and darkness. He is usually shown as a huge snake (or, in some cases, a crocodile). There are a few different stories about where Apophis came from, but everyone agrees that he is a bad force that always needs to be stopped. This has made Apohis compete with the sun god Ra, who has to keep stopping Apohis from stopping the sun from rising. Some players may remember Apophis from the dream scene in Assassin’s Creed: Origins, where Bayek has to fight him while crossing the Duat.

God of War already has big bosses and big snakes, so a monster like Apophis would fit right in with the usual gameplay. The Assassin’s Creed scene can give you an idea of what a boss fight like this might look like, but God of War could go even further. Bayek was stuck on a raft and could only shoot bows, but Kratos could climb all over the monster and attack from all sides. They could even have a stage where Gatling goes inside Apophis and fights from the inside out like Kronos did in God of War 3.


Imhotep is a strange case because he was a real person from history, but the Egyptians eventually turned him into a myth.Imhotep was a well-known genius who made important discoveries in math, astronomy, medicine, and architecture, despite what The Mummy would have fans think. However, he is best known for building the first pyramid. He went on to give advice to more Pharaohs before becoming a god and becoming part of Egyptian myth because of what he did.

The best way to use Imhotep would be to have him work with you. Like Brok and Sundri, he could give Kratos new gear and help him get to harder-to-reach places. There could even be a side quest where Kratos tries to help him build something with his building skills.


Isis was married to Osiris, the first king of the gods, and she became a queen in her own right. This put her in a similar situation to Hera in Greek mythology or Freya in Norse mythology, though she was often said to be much kinder than Hera. She also acts as a goddess of nature and childbirth, just like Demeter. Her most famous story is about a quest to bring Osiris back to life after his brother Set killed him for the Throne. Set made things harder by cutting Osiris’s body up and scattering the pieces. Isis went out of her way to put them all back together. And even though Osiris’s phallus was missing, she was able to bring him back to life for a short time. She was also joined by huge scorpions at one point.

Isis would be a good friend for Kratos, and she might play a part similar to Freya’s. The people who make games could use some of the strange things in her myths, like how she used magic. Her sadness about losing Osiris could also be a reason why she would help Kratos. She might be on his side. Because she wants payback on Set or because she wants to see her husband again. She might also be on his side. Because she doesn’t want Set to hurt anyone else the way he hurt her. Also, it would be nice to see a less sexualized version of Isis. This would make her stand out from other versions of her, like in Age of Mythology and Smite.


In Egyptian mythology, Osiris, the well-known god of destruction, has a difficult role. Depending on the time, he was either loved or hated by most people. But he was mostly known as a bad god and the personification of chaos. In his most famous story, he tried to steal the throne by killing his brother Osiris, chopping up his body, and then scattering the bits. This worked until Osiris’s son Horus challenged him. This started a long war that led to some very strange things. Set has become the go-to character in Hollywood movies like Gods of Egypt and The Mummy (2017) when a mythological “bad guy” is required. He was even featured in a Doctor Who episode.

Set would be an interesting figure to see come to life in terms of how he looks. Set is usually shown with a human body and an animal head, like other Egyptian gods. However, scholars have never been able to figure out what animal the animal head was based on. There are different ideas, but nothing has ever been proven for sure. In a 3D world, it would be cool to see how this part of him is shown. Set would make sense as a big bad guy in terms of how Basket Random game is played. Like Baldur in the 2018 God of War, Kratos might have to fight him more than once before he can be destroyed.


Egyptians both loved and feared the crocodile god called Sobeck. He was connected to the Nile and was thought to bring fertility, which made people respect him. However, his wild nature and lack of predictability gave them more than a few reasons to be careful. He was also closely linked to alligators. Especially the huge ones that lived in the Nile and scared people in Egypt. This link led to some strange customs. Such as mummifying alligators and raising them as pets, calling them “sons of Sobek.” Some people may remember seeing a crocodile like this in Assassin’s Creed Origins.

Sobek could be used in a few ways. But it would make the most sense for him to be a boss that Kratos has to fight. In keeping with his image as a predator who eats anything (once even the god Osiris), the fight could be about Kratos trying to get something back that Sobek has eaten, or it could be about Sobek trying to eat Kratos. The developers would want to use his relationship with crocodiles to their benefit. One way to do this would be to give him the power to call on giant crocodiles. Another would be to give him weapons that are based on crocodiles.



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