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6 Most Effective Tools to Clean Skyscraper Windows

Tall skyscrapers with glass windows give the building an elegant and chic look. Generally, commercial and office buildings are made in the form of skyscrapers to give them a formal appearance. However, only attaching sparkling glass Windows is not enough. You certainly want to have a commercial space that looks as tidy as possible. The cleanliness of commercial space also impacts the productivity of the people in it.

Generally, people have a fear of falling from a high-rise building while cleaning windows. Indeed, climbing up 100 feet from above the ground in a high-rise building to clean windows is a challenging task. The problem arises more when you consider the several accidents that took place while cleaning the glass windows of skyscrapers. However, this fear of falling should not keep you away from cleaning the windows.

Many of you are not aware of cleaning high-level glazing. So, we have come up with a blog on the same. When cleaning windows of tall buildings, you need to use some tools and equipment. Using the right tools is necessary as it will give you a smooth finish. Besides, cleaning the windows with the perfect tools is also time-saving. Therefore, without further delay, let’s take dig into the necessary tools that are used for cleaning the windows of skyscrapers.

List of tools to use for skyscraper window cleaning

If you want the skyscraper Windows to be cleaned professionally you have to make use of the necessary tools and equipment. Given below is a list of tools and their uses that you can use for cleaning skyscraper Windows.


A squeegee has a handle made up of a rubber blade. This is a very common instrument used for cleaning glasses. The purpose of using rubber blades on the handle is to ensure that the person cleaning does not cut his hand. The reason to use squeegees to clean glass Windows is to remove the moisture from the glasses. Since squeegees have Rubber in them, it gets the flexibility to remove all the water, thereby leaving a Spotless and streak-free dry glass. Scratches are available in a variety of sizes and lengths. You can choose one depending upon the size of your Windows.

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Also known as sleeves, scrubbers are made up of a soft fabric cylinder. The reason to use soft fabric cylinders is to make it the perfect fit on top of a squeegee. Scrubbers aim to distribute the water and the cleaning agent on top of the glass evenly. One of the best advantages of using Scrub is that you can use them with other tools. This saves a lot of time and space and makes cleaning a simple process. If you have stubborn dirt on top of the glass Windows, make sure to in western microfiber scrubbers. They are capable of cleaning even the toughest grime and dirt from the Windows.

Towels and sponges

Another important tool for cleaning skyscraper window glasses is sponges. Instead of sponges, you can also use our towels. Using sponges and towels for cleaning glasses helps to remove the cleaning solution and the water which otherwise gathers mostly on the window panes. The remaining cleaning solution and water that get stuck in the window panes can be very difficult to be removed with squeegees. Here, a sponge or towel helps. Besides, sponges and towels can be used to Scrub any dirt or stains. We recommend you invest in high-quality sponges and towels to stay away from buying them again and again.

Belts and holsters

Another essential tool to clean Windows in skyscrapers is the Belts and holsters. When you put on belts and all around your waist you can carry the other tools with ease. Besides, these Belts keep your hands free and help you to climb up to Windows effortlessly. You can use the holsters to fit in any tool securely. So, even if you are climbing at a very high skyscraper, you can be sure that your tools will not fall off you will not have to engage your hands to carry the tools.

Safety glasses and goggles

When you are cleaning Windows of commercial spaces you are cleaning both the interior and the exterior. The moment you land up in the exterior Windows you have to come in contact with natural elements like the sun and wind. Besides, the cleaning agent has chemicals in it which can be harmful to your eyes and skin. So, we recommend you use goggles and glasses. These are part of the safety measures that keep you away from accidents.

Harnesses and ropes

Remember you have to climb up a very high building to clean the windows. So, you need ropes and how to pull up and down the building. Make sure to invest in durable and strong ropes that will last for a lifetime. Also, buy some roof rigs to hold the rope in place.

How window cleaning impact on the durability of curtains?

Window cleaning can indirectly help with curtains by keeping the windows clean and clear of dirt and grime. When windows are dirty, they can transfer dirt and dust particles onto curtains, making them look dingy and dirty as well. In addition, dirty windows can block natural light from entering the room, making it harder to see and appreciate the beauty of the curtains.

By regularly cleaning windows, you can help ensure that the curtains stay clean and bright as well. This is especially important if you have light-colored or delicate curtains that are more prone to showing dirt and stains. A clean window will also allow more natural light into the room, which customized the style of curtains and create a brighter, more inviting space.

In addition, window cleaning can also help to extend the lifespan of curtains by reducing the amount of dirt and dust that accumulates on them. Over time, dirt and dust particles can cause curtains to become discolored or even damaged, especially if they are made from delicate fabrics like silk or linen. By keeping the windows clean, you can help minimize the amount of dirt and dust that gets onto the curtains, which can help to preserve their appearance and quality for longer.


Therefore, to clean the commercial Windows of skyscrapers and other high buildings, you need to invest in the right tools and equipment. Along with the tools we would suggest you learn a strategy from the SG commercial glaziers for efficient and accurate cleaning.



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