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6 Rules For Hygiene In Martial Arts Gym

Anybody who has spent any time in a martial arts gym knows that hygiene should always be at the top of your mind. Martial arts gyms are places where everyone is constantly sweating and it can be difficult to avoid getting dirty. Martial arts is a, at times, sweaty pursuit. Of all the martial arts, one of the most traditional is Karate. It also happens to be one of the most popular. And with popularity comes growth, meaning that today’s karate dojos can be incredibly busy places. As a result, it’s important to stick to a few simple rules on hygiene that will help ensure your health and safety in martial arts.

Besides that, if you are also planning to get a gym membership and want to improve your overall fitness, make sure to invest in getting comfortable and sweat-wicking athletic wear to make your exercise and training sessions more convenient and easygoing. 

Why is it important to follow hygiene in martial arts?

Many people who train in martial arts or self-defense do not understand why hygiene is important. They think it’s just a fancy word to make them wash their hands more, or maybe they’ve even read about hand washing as a wacky martial arts thing that does more harm than good. Good hygiene, however, extends beyond the common notion of cleanliness. It includes healthy habits like eating nutritious foods and proper sleep which gives you and your family a proper foundation that ultimately helps avoid any type of disease.

So in this article, I will be describing 6 rules of hygiene in martial arts which you must follow. 

Washing your uniform regularly. 

Have you ever been practicing martial arts and noticed your training partner has a very bad odor or stench coming from his uniform? It is not only distracting but it can be off-putting. Many people do not think about washing their uniforms and as a result, they may fall ill because of poor hygiene practices. For beginners who are just starting out in martial arts, you may find it difficult to wash your uniform by yourself since this is not something that is frequently done.

Washing your uniform is necessary because if you won’t be coming to class with a clean/washed uniform there are chances that you may get ringworms, MRSA infection, or staph infection too. One of the solutions for this problem is that you can have multiple uniforms so that you don’t need to stress over wearing a messy or wet uniform.

Taking Shower Regularly. 

Why should martial artists take a shower? Why? Why? Because it’s good for them! 

You’ve finished training and you’re sticky. No matter which martial arts class you’ve been to that day, you’ll often find your hair has been pulled back and your face has been repeatedly smashed into your opponent’s chest. Your body can feel heavy and lethargic from the stances and repetitive movements. You might want to dive straight into a hot bath, but there’s more to be done. A shower can provide the perfect way for martial artists to recover from the stresses of their training. Here are six reasons why martial artists should take a shower after their practice. 

  •  To remove sweat and dirt from your body.
  •  To wash away the stink of sparring.
  •  To cool down after a workout.
  •  To get rid of the sweat that’s been trapped in your hair.
  •  To remove the smell of your sparring partner from your clothes.
  •  To keep clean during training.

Cut Your Nails Regularly.

So how does nail trimming translate into better hygiene for martial artists? Well, it’s pretty simple. What is a basic rule of hygiene? Keeping things clean! When your nails get too long, it allows bacteria to grow under the nail. This may sound trivial but it can have negative effects on your health. Getting rid of that bacteria will help improve and advance your martial arts performance by allowing you to move faster and react quicker. 

You must tie your hairs 

Did you know that tying hair would make you score in a match? Many widely practiced martial arts institutions (such as Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) instruct their students to tie their hair. Why? Because it’s a healthy way of practicing martial arts which, indirectly, makes you do better in a match.

Why is it important to wear a ponytail during competition?

Tying your hair can help with hygiene during martial arts training or even in any activity where you perspire heavily. Having short hair won’t do it for you, it’s due to the fact that your scalp still becomes sweaty and itchy. Some people resort to coating the area with petroleum jelly, baby oil, or other hair products, but there’s a much easier way to banish itching during training. Gis are worn tightly around the body: tied around the waist, wrists, and ankles. This means that if you have long hair, it rubs against your body. If it’s tied in a ponytail – even tighter – the friction increases and pulls on the sweat glands which is irritating.

You must not train if you are sick. 

The first reason why you should not train when you are sick for hygiene during martial arts training is that it can make all the other students sick. First imagine if you’re in class and everyone is sneezing, coughing, and has a high temperature. It would be pretty difficult to learn anything, wouldn’t it? And if your current instructor was getting ill then, of course, he or she is not going to be able to teach you anything at all! This can lead to you being unable to train on the day you were supposed to have the lesson which is pretty disruptive. So, if you are feeling sick it’s important to have some rest and get rid of the disease as soon as possible. 



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