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6 Tips To Get More 5-Star Characters In Honkai: Star Rail

Follow these tips to get the most out of Honkai: Star Rail’s gacha system and improve your chances of getting your favorite 5-star characters.

Honkai: Star Rail is a turn-based RPG game with gacha mechanics where players can collect different characters and use them in fights. These characters are either 4-star or 5-star. They have different elemental powers and paths, and when they get their duplicates, called Eidolons, they can use even stronger versions of those abilities.

Players usually want 5-star characters more than 4-star characters because they have unique benefits and skills in the game. However, this isn’t always the case. Getting 5-star characters, on the other hand, can be hard and take both luck and planning. So, players need to know some pro tips that will make it easier for them to get 5-star characters in Honkai: Star Rail. This will help them build up their tools and make teams that can handle any difficult content.

Use Warps On The Departure Warp Banner

As soon as a player starts Honkai: Star Rail, they will see four different kinds of warp flags that they can use to get characters and light cones. These banners include the Departure Warp, Standard Warp, and Character and Light Cone Event Warp banners that are only available for a short time. When players first start playing the game, they get a lot of Star Rail Passes. This is a great chance to use these passes on the Departure banner instead of the Standard banner.

The Departure banner will give you a 5-star character within 50 pulls, while the Standard banner will give you a 5-star character after 90 pulls. Also, it only takes the same amount of resources as 40 pulls to get a 5-star character from the Departure banner, which makes it a cheaper choice for players. But players should know that they can only use this choice until they’ve made 50 pulls. After that, they won’t be able to use it anymore.

Don’t Be Tempted By the Stellar Warp Additional Reward

Once a player has pulled the normal Warp banner 300 times in Honkai: Star Rail, they can choose one of the normal 5-star characters. The Departure warp and the limited-time banner pulls don’t change the number of warps for this. This choice is separate from their current pity amount, and some players may want to redeem their favorite 5-star character as soon as possible. But it’s important to know that getting to 300 pulls usually takes a long time, unless players use their Stellar Jades to buy Star Rail Passes instead of Special Passes.

Even though the choice to choose a 5-star character may seem appealing, it’s not worth it in the long run because Stellar Jades are better used to get characters that are only available for a limited time. Also, the Standard Banner’s gacha pool has 5-star Light Cones in it, which makes it a less worthwhile purchase for getting 5-star characters in particular. So, people shouldn’t spend their Stellar Jades on getting closer to the 300 pulls. Instead, they should get Star Rail Passes from other ways.

Focus on Limited-Time Character Event Warp

Players who want Limited-Time Character Warp 5-star characters like Seele must act quickly because they are only available for a short time before their next repeat. So, it’s best for players to hold onto their Stellar Jades until a character they really want becomes available. Also, it’s important to know that the 5-star pool for this ad only has characters and not light cones. This means that players are sure to get another 5-star character even if they don’t get the rate-up character on their first try. This makes it more likely that they will get a 5-star normal character before they can get it from the Stellar Warp.

Stellar Jade, on the other hand, is hard to get unless players pay real money. This means that players need to be patient and skip some Limited-Time characters to make sure they get a character they really want. Players can make sure they don’t waste their money and get the most out of their gacha pulls by using this approach.

Reach 500 Points On Daily Training Everyday

Daily Training is an important part of Honkai: Star Rail that players must do every day to get resources and level up their characters. It gives players a wide range of things to do, such as battles, daily tasks, and more. These tasks can be done quickly and effectively, making it easy for players to get things like 60 Stellar Jades and Trailblazer EXP.

Daily Training is especially important for free-to-play players because it is the only way to get Stellar Jade every day without buying the Express Supply Pass. After players have done things like chests and tasks, Daily Training becomes their main way to get Stellar Jade. Also, as players level up through Daily Training, they can unlock more prizes, such as Stellar Jades or Star Rail Passes, that come with that level.

Complete Story Quests

In Honkai: Star Rail, it’s important to do quests, especially the main story quest called the Trailblazer Quest, if you want to move your main character forward. This doesn’t add a new 5-star character, but it does give players the chance to get different features and paths for their main character. As the story goes on, players can change their MC into the Fire Trailblazer. This is the only way to add a different 5-star character to the game that doesn’t involve a gacha. Also, some of the other quests may have rewards of world cash that can be used to buy Eidolons for the Trailblazer. This is a completely free way to make a 5-star character stronger.

It’s important for players to finish tasks, not just for their characters’ growth, but also because they might be needed for future events in Drive Mad game. Even though there’s no need to hurry, players should make sure they keep making progress on quests, since they’ll need to hit certain Trailblazer levels to keep going on some quests. If players don’t do their quests, they might fall behind a lot over time. Also, finishing quests can give you rewards like Stellar Jade and Trailblazer EXP, which can help you gain levels and get more rewards like Stellar Jades or Star Rail Passes.

Reroll Is Not Worth On The Long Run

Many Gacha players reroll at the beginning of the game to get the figures they want. And some games make this process quick and easy. Honkai: Star Rail is not one of those games, though. For players to reroll in this game, they have to make multiple HoyoVerse accounts, link them to different email addresses, and go through a long training, which could take several days to finish.

Even though this approach can give players a big boost early on, it may not be worth it in the long ru. Because there is no guarantee that they will get future 5-star characters.

Honkai: Star Rail is now available for Android, iOS, and PC. A version for the PlayStation is in the works.



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