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7 Practical Car Accessories Every Driver Must Have

Most people like enhancing their cars by adding accessories. While some of these accessories might seem pretty and appealing, some have little functionality to add to your car. There are some inevitable situations that every driver has to deal with every once in a while, flat tires, mud smudges or dead batteries being some. 

You may not have the cash to pimp your car with the latest technology of smart systems, but there are some essential accessories that you can buy to help gear up your car ready for anything. They include the following:

Jumper Cable

A drained battery is one of the worst nightmares any driver can ever have, especially in the middle of nowhere, reinforcing the importance of a jumper cable. You can use the jumper cables to draw power from another car’s battery to help your car start up.

Dash Cam

Road rage incidents keep increasing, which calls for having a dash cam in your car. You can buy a dash cam for a car in India, which will help capture every happening within and outside your car. The footage can help prove your innocence in case of a police case. Moreover, you can use them to record fun moments during road trips.

Cleaning Cloth

While a car cover is handy to help protect your car when parked at home, it might look weird to use it at the office. A cleaning cloth is useful in such cases. After work, when you notice dust or bird droppings on your car, you can use the cloth to clean it off before you leave.

Tool Kit

While all cars on sale come with a toolbox, the tools within can’t do much except change a flat tire. Therefore, you need to add more tools to help you handle any situation. Sometimes there might be a problem you are aware of but can’t help fix; that’s why it’s important always to have a comprehensive toolbox.

GPS Navigator

Travelling by car will sometimes take you to places you have never been. And sometimes, remembering the routes around can be challenging. A car GPS navigator will help you know your location or where you are going. You won’t need to check your phone or call someone for directions.

Parking Cameras Or Sensors

Public parking places are becoming more crowded by the day as more people are buying cars. As a result, parking is becoming more challenging. 

Getting a dash cam for a car in India will help monitor your car while parked and help you navigate the parking area from bumping or scratching someone else’s car. Some cars come from the factory with these cameras, but if you don’t have or feel the need to upgrade, it will help you greatly.

Solar Fan

Several parts of India experience pretty high temperatures during summer. If your car has been parked for long, the cabin can get pretty hot and sometimes even the aircon might not be effective. Investing in a solar-powered fan quill helps keep things cool as hot air escapes the cabin while cool air gets in.

You can use several accessories to enhance your car’s appearance while maintaining functionality. These accessories help you handle the tiny problems as they occur, and you don’t have to spend money rushing to the mechanic all the time.

While most cars nowadays come pre-installed with most of these accessories, you can upgrade to better brands, or if your car doesn’t have them, you can always buy and install them for smoother operation.



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