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9 Hardest Challenge Runs In Bloodborne

Want to make Bloodborne even harder? Here are some ways to go about it.

FromSoftware made Bloodborne, which is an action role-playing video game. In the game, which takes place in the made-up city of Yharnam, players take on the part of a Hunter and try to figure out what is making the people of the city turn into monsters. As the Hunter, players have to get through nightmare worlds full of weird creatures. The game is known for being hard, with boss fights that are hard to beat and punishing mechanics that require good timing and smart decisions.

Bloodborne has become a popular choice for challenge runs because of how hard it is. These are rules that players set for themselves to make the game more difficult. Most turn out to be pretty interesting to watch. Some of these Bloodborne challenge runs have become popular among gamers because they show how creative and determined people can be when they try to push the limits of what is possible in the game.

BL4 Run

Waste of Skin is a well-known Bloodborne class.If a player chooses this class, they start at Blood Level 4 and have terrible stats. Even though this class gives you the most choice when it comes to building, it makes the early game of Bloodborne pretty hard.

The name of this task should make it clear that players have to finish the whole game with their character at BL4. This limits their life, stamina, and damage in a big way. This makes each fight much more dangerous and requires more skill.

No Hit Run

Given how fast and quick the enemies are in Bloodborne, it’s only natural that players will get hit by enemy weapons at some point. Even though it’s normal to take a hit or two from tough enemies, this challenge run doesn’t allow you to make a single mistake.

As the name suggests, this challenge run requires players to get through the game without getting hit by any enemy or boss attack. It takes a lot of skill to dodge and block, because one mistake can mean failing and having to start over.

Flamesprayer/Rosmarinus Only

In this task, players of Bloodborne can only use the Flamesprayer or the Rosmarinus. These are one-of-a-kind sidearms that either shoot fire (Flamesprayer) or a magical mist (Rosmarinus) that hurts enemies over time.

These sidearms do a lot of damage. But they have a short range and don’t do as much damage as they could. They also use Quicksilver Bullets at a frightening rate. To beat enemies and bosses in this task, players must only use arcane damage, use their limited resources wisely, control how many bullets they use, and position themselves in the best way.

Bare Fists Only

The amount of difficulty goes up a notch with this challenge run. The only way to fight enemies and bosses is with your character’s bare hands. Since hands do little damage and have no range, players must rely heavily on dodging, parrying. And the game’s regain system to get their health back after taking damage.

This challenge takes great timing, accurate dodging and parrying, and great timing. On top of all this, players also need to be good at managing their resources. If they want to beat the game’s tasks with their weak offensive skills.

Torch Only

In Bloodborne, the Torch is a special item that can be used as both a light source and a weapon. In this task, players are only allowed to use the Torch to hurt enemies and bosses. This challenge is especially hard because the Torch has a short range and doesn’t do much harm.

To beat the game’s challenges, players must carefully control their stamina, avoid attacks well. And make the most of the Torch’s limited abilities. Some enemies can be stunned by this sidearm, which is one of the few perks players must use if they want to make it through this challenge run without pulling out their hair.


Speedrunning is a famous way to test yourself in any game, and Bloodborne is no different. Even though some exploits have been fixed many times, there are still many speedruns for this game. This shows how committed the community is to getting the best time possible.

Players try to finish the game as quickly as possible by using shortcuts, glitches, and well-thought-out tactics. When done right, speedruns can be very hypnotic, but players have to practise over and over again to get good times in Tunnel Rush game.

No Blood Vials Run

In Bloodborne, blood vials are purchasable items that can be used to heal the player. They are absolutely necessary to get through Bloodborne’s many obstacles and challenges. So it makes sense that a challenge run would prevent using healing items at all.

In this task, players can’t use any blood vials. Instead, they can only heal themselves with their base health and other ways. This includes tricks like gathering to get back lost health and using Caryll Runes in a smart way to get health back with Visceral Attacks.


Death is a normal part of Bloodborne. So most players won’t be blamed if they keep seeing the “You Died” screen. When a player dies, they usually respawn at a Hunter’s Lamp. This task changes that.

In the permadeath challenge, players try to get to the end of the game without ever dying. If they die at any point, they have to start the game over from the beginning. This makes each meeting very dangerous and adds a lot of tension.

No HUD Run

One of the most important parts of any video game is the heads-up display, or HUD. It’s important for players to keep track of any important information that the HUD shows so they can act on it.

This challenge run makes players turn off the game’s HUD, so they can’t see the state of their health bar, stamina bar, and other important information. This makes every meeting nerve-wracking because players don’t know how their Hunter is doing.

Bloodborne came out on March 24, 2015, for the PlayStation 4 console.



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