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A Winter Trek to Kumara Parvatha – Karnataka’s Toughest Trek


Kumar Parthava trek  also known as Pushpagiri is located at the height of 5624ft above the sea level. Being the second-highest mountain lies in the foothills of Western Ghats, ranges, has an ancient and a famous temple called Kukke Subhramanya. It is situated, in the Tadiandamol, in Kodagu district of Karnataka.

The Kukke Subhramanya temple has its history tradition old and the place itself holds great value among the local residents. People from all over the country, mostly from South India visits this place and offer their prayers. Almost all the time the temples are filling with the devotees.

Being compare, with other treks in that region; this trek is difficult, is beautiful too, and connected easily with the Nature. The trail of this trek runs through the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary.

·         Starting Point for the trek: Kukke Subhramanya

·         Duration of the Trek: The trek covers duration of 6-8 hours

·         Distance of the Trek: The trek covers distance of 28km in approx

·         Eligibility for the trek: The age of the trekker must be above 12 years.

·         Altitude or Height: The altitude or Height of Kumara Parvatha Trek is about 5617ft or 1712m.

·         Gradient of Trek: The trek gradient lies between moderate to difficult.

Highlights of the Trek:

·         The trek is adventurous, and strenuous to the peak, which takes you through the large volcanic rocks, dense forest along with wild flora and fauna.

·         On the trek, you will be experiencing the vast grassland.

·         Though challenging, trek still gives you best views and experience.

Difficulty of the Trek:

The trek of Kumara Parvatha is most challenging one. This trek situated at the height of 1700 meters to the approx height of 5600 ft and hence it is difficult for one to climb the trek. The total distance covered to complete the whole trek is 22 km in approx in the duration of 2 days.

Despite of its difficulty level, trekkers love to do trek at the Kumara Parvatha never lessen down. Trekkers love to experience the beauty of this trek. Someone he/she if you are a beginner then its advised not to choose this trek for your first trekking experience. Because of the difficulty in this trek, it is necessary to have a clear health test certificate and fitness certificate to get approved for doing this trek.

Various Sections of Difficulty in the Trek:

The difficulty of trek is in such a level, that it is advised to beginners, not to choose this trek as a first trekking option. These sections will be mentioning the reason for trek to call as difficult.

·         Slippery trail: 

During the month of monsoon, the route of the trek becomes difficult, since the loose gravel and mud are exceedingly slippery, and as a result, extreme cautiousness is required while selecting you footwear for the trek. Be sure to check the weather forecast before going to the trek to avoid days of heavy rainfall.

·         Steep Grassland: 

While trekking from Kallu Mantapa to Shesha Parvatha the route is the steepest part of this whole trek. So be careful while crossing this route. Though the entire trek is on uphill going in a one direction, this part of the trek is most difficult to climb. To prevent the slippery in this area be ready with your own trekking poles and hold your feet tightly.

·         Steep Forest: 

On the days of trekking, you will be passing through the various woodlands area, something that attracts the attention of the trekkers. Due to the extreme level of steepness in the area, trekkers can cling on branches of the trees for support. Be careful and deliberate and move slowly through this path, to avoid hurting yourself.

·         Vertical Rock Face: 

On the way to trek, several vertical rock faces found, so while crossing this path, cross it cautiously. During the time of rainfall, after rainstorm the water constantly pours from the rock and rock becomes completely wet, during this time it become difficult for trekking. Hence, to avoid the falling in event of slip, try to grip the rocks using your hands while climbing up and descend them.

·         Boulders: 

While trekking from and after Kallu Mantapa until the top of Kumara Parvatha, several places will fall, where you have to hop over the stones and rocks in order to move ahead. As a result, while doing it, try to be cautious as these stones are very hazardous because of the formation of algae on these stones and are slick after the time of monsoon.



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