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All information about the hot water pressure cleaner

One of the best pressure cleaners is the hot water model. These instruments are quite effective at cleaning off heavy grease and grime. The hot water’s abrasive impact will cause the filth to become looser.

The hot water pressure cleaner’s operation

A hot water pressure cleaner uses pressure to work, much like a regular home water heater. External factors that exert pressure include the pump on a pressure washer or the local water supply in a residence. The water is then heated in a holding tank before being disbursed.

There are various potential modifications to the basic layout. The three most important considerations are the body type, compressor fuel, and burner fuel.

Type of body

The two main types are combo and conversion units. An individual piece of equipment is a combination unit. On a single chassis, it combines a hot water tank with a standard cold water pressure washer. An ordinary cold water pressure washer is converted into a hot water pressure washer using a conversion unit, which is a separate burner. For a conversion unit, a wand and nozzle that works with hot water are still required. Mobile or stationary conversion units are both possible.

kind of motor fuel

Petrol and electricity are the two fuels that are utilised most frequently. Gas-powered motors are an alternative if you need a lot of power or will be working somewhere without access to electricity. Electric motors are cleaner, lighter, and require less maintenance.

fuel used in a hob

When choosing the finest hot water pressure washer for your company, you must consider the sort of fuel the burner system requires. The fuel used in the burner system will determine how and where you use your pressure cleaner. Hot water pressure washers use a variety of heating options, including all-electric, natural gas and liquid propane (propane).

The hot water pressure cleaner from The Jetwave Group can raise water’s temperature from 12°C to 155°C. As a consequence, it may be possible to reduce the quantity of detergent used, the cleaning time, and the operating pressure. So, in addition to its many advantages, using hot water to clean also provides a variety of options for expediting the cleaning process.

enhanced cleaning results

Oil and grease that has been coagulated can be readily removed since hot water greatly encourages emulsification and softens the material. Proteins and lipids may be easily loosened in the food industry by using hot water.

Most of the time, only using hot water will get rid of grease, oil, adhesive, etc. Detergent can thus be used significantly less or not at all. This cleaner from Jetwave Group also conserves resources and the environment in addition to money.

quicker drying

Surfaces cleaned with hot water dry more rapidly due to the heat. They can thus be processed later or reused more rapidly.

improved hygiene

After washing with hot water, it is possible to observe a discernible decrease in bacterial count. For certain sanitary requirements, this method of germ reduction without disinfectant is more than sufficient.

With a hot water pressure cleaner, dirt is expelled more quickly, cutting down on cleaning time by up to 35%. This suggests that a range of cleaning tasks may be successfully and economically carried out.

Purchasing Factors for Hot Water Pressure Washers

Here are a few things to think about if you’re debating buying a hot water pressure washer.

Weighty high-pressure hot water cleansers are available. A child of any size might weigh between 300 and 400 pounds. Keep this in mind while planning your storage and delivery options.

This explains why the nozzle’s water pressure is what it is. More dirt can be removed with a PSI that is greater. The spray angle of the nozzle also affects psi.

Gallons per minute (gpm) of flow

A greater water flow results from having more water on the cleaning surface. It is especially useful when using detergent.

frequent uses of these high-pressure cleaners

Here are a few common uses for high-pressure cleaners:

The restaurant equipment is covered with a lot of sludge. Since hot water is necessary to thoroughly clean items, these machines are useful for this type of business.

At these places, the machinery may be cleaned using a hot water pressure cleaner. They are severely coated with muck, grime, grease, and oil, which is why.

manufacturing facilities

It’s necessary to remove emulsified oils and heavy dirt from some production buildings. If they want their equipment to be safe and endure a long time, they must maintain it clean.

cleaning services

Mobile cleaning firms may handle a broad variety of tasks. They’ll likely face some difficult cleaning jobs. In this area of business, hot water pressure cleaners are quite useful.


Hot water pressure cleaner makes removing tough stains, oils, and grease simpler. You might purchase a hot water pressure cleaner from Jetwave Group.



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