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Beautiful birthday flowers to make your special day more colorful

Looking for something to gift your loved one on their birthday? Then why not go for a flower bouquet? After all, fresh and fragrant flowers are one of the best ways to wish someone happiness or celebrate any occasion. 

Brighten your loved one’s special day by gifting them a bunch of this happy bloom. This flower has various myths connected to it, one of which is the story of Apollo, the sun god, and Clytie. Furthermore, the sunflower is a dynamic bloom that grows in various shapes and sizes. In fact, many of us are unaware of the fact that sunflowers are available in a few other colors, like red and purple, as well. This blossom symbolizes happiness, positivity, and good luck. You can also use the sunflower to tell someone, “You are all I see”.

Go ahead and wish your loved one lots of positivity and cheerfulness on their special day by gifting them a bouquet of gerberas. Gerbera belongs to the aster family and is native to South Africa. This bloom gets its name from Traugott Gerbera, an 18th-century German naturalist. Gifting someone gerberas is like encouraging them to embrace their life with a positive mindset and happiness. This blossom comes in different colors and sizes. And Wilmette florists bring to their customers most of the different variations of this bloom. You just need to visit Morning Glory Flower Shop and order this bloom in your desired shade.

If you want to make the birthday boy or girl instantly attracted to your gift, then opt for a bunch of lilies. Because this flower, with its enticing fragrance and big petals, makes a statement. Also, it is believed that lilies have healing properties, mainly because in Greek mythology they’re associated with the god of healing, Apollo. Furthermore, lilies don’t only serve a decorative purpose; if dried properly, they can also be consumed. There are many florists in Glenview IL who offer you various colors and types of lilies, along with free home delivery services.

Roses have more than 100 species available on the market, and each of them represents something unique and special. As per the Guinness Book of World Records, roses are one of the oldest flowering plants present on earth. Apart from decorative purposes, roses are often used as a flavoring and beauty product. The rose flower also makes a beautiful gift for occasions like birthdays. They help you convey your feelings of enthusiasm, friendship, love, and energy to your loved one.

This blossom makes the best gift for birthdays because they signify fresh start and new beginnings. Peonies are the native flowers of western North America, Europe, and Asia. And at one point in history, this bloom was even considered the national flower of China. This blossom also has various medicinal properties. This flower has long been used in China to treat a variety of ailments, including headaches, inflammation, general pain, the immune system, and many others. Peonies also have mood-boosting attributes.

The deep-rooted history of this blossom can be traced back to the goddess Iris in Greek mythology. It’s believed that Iris used to travel on rainbows to deliver messages to the gods from heaven to earth and back. In fact, the name iris comes from the Greek words for messenger and rainbow. So, next time when you think of giving this flower to someone, don’t forget to ask your favorite florist to add your personal message for the receiver. You can use this flower as a birthday present to send the birthday boy or girl hope, wisdom, and courage for their upcoming adventures.

Now hurry and make your loved ones’ special day even more special by getting them these fresh and beautiful blossoms. To make your gift even more special, you can even add a personal note to your desired bouquet and get it delivered at your selected destination.



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