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Benefits of Tracking Driver Behaviour With Fleet Management Software

Each year, 1.35 million individuals lose their lives in traffic accidents; on average, 3,700 people pass away every day. Such a high fatality rate! So, how can you protect your fleet from such calamities? For your company, a fleet management software with driver behaviour monitoring tools may be the best choice. A driver behaviour monitoring solution helps your fleet’s management and supervision procedures. It can not only help managers and significantly lessen their workload, but it can also guarantee the safety of your fleet.

What Is Driver Behavior Monitoring With Fleet Management Software

The way a driver drives may make or ruin a fleet business. In the end, it is they who have control over everything, including the transportation of goods and the use of all resources. Fleet owners only rely on their drivers to maintain their vehicles while they are on the road.

So, driver behaviour control is now a common feature of fleet management systems. This enables business owners to monitor employees’ driving behaviours even when they are hidden.

The software has events that, when discovered, will notify the responsible managers.

Including video telematics, some of these events include:

  • Driver’s drowsiness
  • Distracted driving 
  • Harsh cornering 
  • Overspeeding 
  • Harsh acceleration and braking

How Does Bad Driving Behaviour Harm the Fleet? 

A reckless driver is a calamity just waiting to happen. They put both their own safety and the safety of the vehicles they are in charge of at risk. Let’s examine some ways that poor driving impacts fleets. 


Did you know that nearly 80% of all traffic fatalities are the result of poor driving? Inattentive drivers put their own lives in peril in addition to the lives of others nearby.

Road accidents can cause irreparable damage to cars and increase a company’s operating expenses. If a motorist is hurt in an accident, it will have an impact on their productivity. As a result, a business suffers substantial losses as a result of such events.

Damage to Consignment 

Any driver must shoulder a great deal of responsibility when delivering sensitive cargo. These shipments may differ from one another. Glass items or volatile materials like gasoline may be moving from one place to another.

Fleet owners are responsible for any damages to a consignment. Such errors can harm a company’s reputation and cause financial damage. Because of this, it is crucial that drivers adopt safer driving practices on the road.

Depreciating Vehicles’ Value

The quality of a car is impacted by all of the improper driving behaviours outlined above in one way or another. This ongoing harm done to vehicles accumulates over time. The problems for drivers and fleet owners then get worse.

One of the biggest costs for any fleet business is vehicle upkeep. Vehicles and other assets typically experience constant wear and tear.

Increase in Fuel Consumption 

A fleet cannot be protected against the effects of sharply rising fuel prices. However, managers must work to lower fuel costs and waste in their organisations. Did you know that one hour of idling can result in a vehicle using 0.8 gallons of fuel? Imagine how much money businesses are missing when long-haul trucks idle for an average of 1,800 hours annually.

Of course, engine idle is the main issue facing fleet owners. However, behaviours like excessive speeding and accelerating also contribute to fuel waste. They put the engine under pressure to work harder than it should. Consequently, fuel usage increases.

Issues With Insurance Claims and Costs 

Before determining an insurance company’s premium price, they frequently review the driving history of fleet drivers. Companies will pay less for insurance if drivers have clean records on the road.

The overall premium expenses for all the vehicles in a large fleet can be very high, therefore this is especially beneficial.

The Benefits of Tracking Driver Behaviour With Fleet Management Solutions

Tracking Driver Behaviour with a Fleet Management System is essential to avoid all the problems listed above. 

Higher Business Profits 

We went into great detail on how driver behaviour management may help a fleet go forward. In terms of money, fleets frequently lose money due to mishaps, fuel consumption, and fleet maintenance.

Savings for your company will increase if traffic accidents are decreased and vehicle quality is raised. The programme lowers your costs by reducing the need for new vehicles, saving on gasoline, and many other ways. This results in improved returns and increased earnings.

Increased Fleet, Consignment, and Driver Safety

One of a fleet owner’s primary objectives is consignment safety. Driver behaviour control lessens the possibility of damaging fragile products. For a driver, safety also refers to the security of their car while it is on the road.

Fleets will benefit from safer driving because there will be fewer accidents. It’s also crucial to ensure the safety of other motorists. This can be assisted by using the driver behaviour management feature of fleet management software.

Reduced Vehicle Maintenance Costs 

As was said above, fleet maintenance expenses rise as a result of vehicle wear and tear. Your fleet will cost more to maintain the more damage it takes. The fleet management software specifically addresses this. It ensures that motorists practise safer driving behaviours while successfully completing tasks.

Managers can utilise the service and maintenance component of a fleet management system. A few days before each scheduled service, it reminds the managers to perform all necessary maintenance on their vehicles.

Lower Fuel Consumption 

Because it is so simple to squander fuel, fleet fuel consumption is a major focus of driver behaviour management. The software makes it simple to prevent this because it enables managers to monitor their drivers.

Managers will receive status reports on drivers that show whether the motorist is accelerating, speeding, or idling in real time. This makes it possible to take essential actions right away. Businesses that effectively supervise and train their drivers can cut their fuel usage by 20%.

Increased Driver Retention 

Utilizing driver behaviour management entails more than only watching drivers and their actions when driving. Managers will be able to identify every devoted driver in their fleet if the right tools are applied. This will make it simpler to reward deserving motorists who work hard to uphold safe driving practices.

By doing this, managers can win the respect of their drivers. Additionally, it serves as an example for other motorists, motivating them to perform their duties more carefully.

In any situation where drivers are not at blame for an accident, regular alert systems can serve as a witness. In the event that management did not receive any driver behaviour alerts, there is a very high likelihood that the driver was not at fault.

Better Fleet Goodwill 

Your greatest asset may turn out to be the driving records of your staff. Clients will easily trust you with their shipments if you have statistical evidence of how effective your firm is.

With fleet management software’s assistance, you will eventually be able to carry out responsibilities flawlessly. As is often said, satisfied customers are a company’s best ambassadors.

Summing Up 

Here you have it! A complete understanding of how a fleet management system’s driver behaviour monitoring tools can benefit your fleet. 

From making your fleet much more effective, profitable, and safe to retaining good drivers, the reasons for monitoring driver behaviour are immense. Add video telematics to the mic, and you will have a complete understanding of your employees who are responsible for all your assets! 

If you are looking for top fleet management solutions that will get you the best benefits of tracking driver behaviour, TrackoBit should be your go-to choice. After all, it is the fastest-growing telematics system in India!



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