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Best EBook GhostWriters For Hire

An GhostWriters, or electronic book, is a book that is produced and distributed in a digital format. In the past, eBooks were primarily created by converting printed books into electronic versions. However, the popularity of digital books has grown tremendously over the years, with approximately 28% of Americans having read at least one eBook in 2015. With the advent of cheaper publishing costs and advancements in eBook reading technology, the number of eBooks without a print version has increased significantly.

An electronic book, or eBook, usually contains written content and visual elements that are similar to their printed counterparts. However, one key feature that sets many eBooks apart is their interactive capabilities, which make use of internal links and online connectivity. Although eBooks were originally intended to be enjoyed on dedicated e-readers like Amazon’s Kindle, the rise of smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices with adjustable display screens has significantly increased the popularity of eBooks and eliminated the need for a separate reading device.

Many experts predict that e-publishing will surpass traditional publishing in the near future due to a 5% increase in eBook consumption over the past year. To ensure compatibility with various devices, eBooks are published, sold, and downloaded in a range of formats. The most popular formats include:


EPub is a digital book format that was created by the International Digital Publishing Forum. It is built on the technologies of XHTML and XML and is compatible with various devices including Apple’s iPhone, iPad,  Kobo e-reader, Sony readers, and Barnes and Noble’s Nook.


The AZW format is used by Amazon on their Kindle devices. It is comparable to the MOBI format and can be used on non-Kindle devices like tablets and smartphones by installing Kindle apps.


The PDF format, which is designed for Adobe products, is probably the most widely recognized format. It can be used universally, or you can download Adobe Reader for free to view PDF files.


MOBI is an eBook software developed by MobiPocket for reading on mobile devices like PDAs and smartphones. MOBI files can be viewed on various third-party devices such as FBReader, Stanza, Kindle, and STDU Viewer.


ODF is the default format for OpenOffice, which is a widely used alternative to Microsoft Office. ODF is a format based on XML that can be used to create eBooks that are compatible with various devices.

EBook creation can be driven by various factors. For instance, people or organizations produce both fiction and nonfiction eBooks to generate income from sales. Providing valuable content to customers is another common reason for eBooks creation. As a lead generation tool, many businesses offer free eBooks in exchange for prospect contact information.

Write4Glory has a large community of skilled eBook ghostwriters for hire who have expertise in various subjects ranging from Science, Business, Math to Real Estate, Romance to Sports. Whether you require a well-researched and professionally written novel or a non-fiction publication, Write4Glory can help you find the right ghostwriters for hire for your project. With over 19 million users, you can easily find the perfect match for your eBook project. If you need assistance in choosing the right ghostwriters for hire, you can opt for the “ebook writers” option and a team of dedicated writers will help you find the ideal ebook writer for your business.



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