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The Things To Avoid While Creating A Book Cover

 “All that is gold does not glitter” is a quote we have heard thousands of times. But, in the case of book cover designs, all that is gold does glitter is more suitable. 

Books with appealing covers are more likely to be picked by the readers from the shelf in a bookstore or chosen when surfing book reading platforms on the internet. Therefore, make sure that the book cover you design catches the reader’s attention. 

“The book’s author next to yours will be delighted if people don’t notice or engage with your cover.” Dave Leonhardt

In order to avoid making boring book covers that get dusty after not being picked from the shelf for years, you should go for book self-publishing services that help make the best book cover design for your book. 

Let’s look at what you must avoid when creating a book cover design for your masterpiece. 

The Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Making your book’s cover is a truly enjoyable process! Don’t let the process of creation distract you from these important tips.

No More Extra Details.

Your book cover must be simple and easy to read. The titles and subtitles text should be enhanced and also have a simple yet creative font. Always keep in mind that you are designing the cover to be viewed as a thumbnail image on the web, with different sizes for mobile and desktop. Create a versatile book cover design that grabs the reader’s attention. Moreover, try not to give away the entire plot because it might break their curiosity. So, let the readers use the ideas and imagination they have.

Poor Images Will Make Your Work Look Boring

Selecting people-based images for your book cover will make it quickly outdated because the trends nowadays change too quickly. Therefore, you can choose pictures with some white spaces for text. Moreover, you should search for pictures that reflect your subject area and original thoughts and ideas.

Don’t Use Difficult Fonts

You will have to choose the font for your thumbnail and the title of your book wisely. This will help the readers to understand it easily. You can choose the fonts for your book cover from the professional font or type houses. Some of these houses offer you amazing deals and also free fonts. Remember, you will have to choose the colors on the font carefully as you have to maintain the work’s legibility. 

Avoid Multiple Fonts

You should not use multiple fonts on the book cover, but using two or three is fine. You can also create a wide range of optional character styles using two fonts. You also have the option to use fonts that are complimentary to the content of your book. Moreover, some size variance in the fonts can also be used as the book’s main title have to be larger than the subtitles. You should carefully use the italic and bold options.

Make Sure Not To Use Long Titles

While creating a book cover design for your book, you don’t need to make long titles. According to the rule of thumb, the titles you choose to write for your book should be five words or less. On the other hand, the subtitles should be between three to seven words. Also, remember your book cover imagery should not overwhelm your book title. Furthermore, ensure that you include the important keywords to make it easy for the readers to find your book. 

Give Correct Space Between The Text

You need to avoid writing small text with limited spaces between the words. Also, ensure that your text is within one and a half inches on each side. Moreover, adding white spaces in the text is important as the readers don’t like to read books with small font text with little spacing.

The Use Of Various Cover Sizes Is Unnecessary 

When you use book self-publishing services, you should ensure that your book has the right template with a specific overall size of the front page, back cover, and spine. Your book must also have a jpg image of the book cover for online marketing and the eBook. 

Avoid Using Different Branding Techniques 

If you are thinking of creating a book cover for your next book, you should design it with some repetitive elements. For instance, you should do the same title placement and use the same font. You can also have the same layout as your previous book and change the book cover image of each book. 

The Important Elements Of Your Book

We have discussed what you must avoid while creating a book cover design. Now, we will discuss the important elements that must be added while designing the book cover. 

Front Cover

The front page of your book cover should have the title, subtitle, and the author’s name. These things should be clear and appealing to the readers.

The Spine Of The Book Cover

The spine of the book cover should have the imprinted logo of the author or company publishing the book, the author’s name, and the book title. These things should have a proper font size and the right placement. 

Back Cover

The back cover of your book needs to have a book blurb, the author’s picture, the author’s bio, and a barcode with ISBN. This depends on the author that needs to be included on the back of the book cover. 

Optional Things 

The optional things you can include in the book cover design are the authorization, the link to the publisher’s or author’s website, or the name of the book’s self-publishing company. 

Summed Up!

To make your book cover design captivating and interesting and to hook your audience’s attention, you need to book self-publishing services to help you design an intriguing book cover for your masterpiece. While designing the book cover, you need to make sure that it has a specific font and size with images that reflect the genre of your book. You should also avoid the abovementioned mistakes to catch the reader’s eye. 


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