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Customize Your Hosting Environment With A Dedicated Server Web Hosting


Do you want to create a custom hosting environment for your website and applications?

Then you are at the right place, as this article helps you to understand how you can create a customized hosting Environment for your website with dedicated servers. A dedicated server is a type of internet hosting solution that delivers high-tech services to heavy-traffic sites. As the name suggests, this server is totally dedicated to your site along with all the server resources. Because of this nature, it gets easy for you to customize the hosting environment without anybody else’s interruptions. The next step is to learn how Dedicated Server Web Hosting can provide you with a customized environment for your website.

Why Dedicated Server is a Perfect Solution for Customized Web Hosting Environment?

For the simple reason that it is dedicated!!

Since you get all the power of the server in your hands, you have full authority to modify and configure the server settings. The server hosts only your applications or your websites. This leads to having all the resources reserved for your applications only. However, this does not happen in shared or VPS servers, as you are sharing the server with other sites too. Because of these reasons, Dedicated Server Web hosting is perfect when you think of customizing a hosting environment.

How to Create a Custom Environment with the Best Dedicated Server Hosting?

How to Create a Custom Environment with the Best Dedicated Server Hosting

In this section of the article, you will find some steps that will help you to customize your Dedicated Server Web Hosting environment as per your requirements.

Central Processing Unit(CPU)

As we all know CPU is the heart of any computer. The same goes for dedicated servers. When you choose a Dedicated Server Web Hosting plan, consider these two factors while looking for a CPU. Firstly, the cores and frequencies, or the clock speed, and secondly, the brand of the processor, such as Intel or AMD. Both of these processors are excellent and deliver the best speed to your server. You can whichever processor as per your budget and requirements.

Keep one fact in mind a CPU that holds a multi-core processor will perform better than a single-core processor. 8 cores or more is considered enough to ensure a smooth operation of any dedicated server. It is stated that a CPU that has a higher core count and higher frequency offers the best performance to any website.

Operating System

To operate your task on a reliable system, Dedicated Server Hosting Plans come with two operating system choices. One is Linux and another is Windows. 90% of the companies host their sites on Linux OS because this delivers an open-source platform to the users. You can easily operate any task on this. Most people choose Linux over Windows as this is more stable and can run for a longer period without crashing the server. With the lower hardware requirement, Linux operating system can run multiple tasks at one time without any server downfall issue. Also when you opt for Linux Dedicated Server Web Hosting plans, security is on another level or we can say advanced level.

Random Access Memory(RAM)

In order to handle high traffic, at least 16-32GB of RAM is required. It is another factor that is considered when you customize the hosting environment. Your server will perform better than before when you have more RAM that can run multiple web applications and software simultaneously. But if you don’t have enough RAM it takes time to load the web page, and your visitor may leave your page in order to not get the information. It leads your site to another consequence. That’s why when you choose the Best Dedicated Server Hosting plans, look for at least 16-32GB RAM.

Storage Option

There are two types of storage options that you choose for your server. The first one is HDD which works traditionally whereas another is SSD which works on the latest technology systems and delivers instant results for your website. However, SSDs are more durable and faster than classical HDDs. SSD disks are easier to work with, you can load your server software very smoothly. Larger companies that hold millions of traffic need higher capacity like 5TB to handle the data and traffic. So, it is important that you have a higher capacity storage option with Dedicated Server Web Hosting plans.

DDoS Attack Protection

When a website hits with DDoS attacks then the site’s network goes unavailable for a time to its end-users. This attack is generally experienced when the target system gets flooded by lots of requests. The attacker uses multiple sources to generate this attack. Many websites go down only because of this threat. That’s why get a Cheap Dedicated Server that provides DDoS attack protection to your website. 


As a web owner, if you are considering customizing your hosting environment, dedicated servers are the best option that you can choose when it comes to hosting your website. The user gets a lot of opportunities to customize the server configuration according to their requirements. Along with customizing the settings, you get several advantages on hosting your website on a Dedicated Server Web Hosting. There are many providers to whom you can render Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting services. But before purchasing any plan, do check what features the package holds.



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