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Everything should be known about your Car before selling


There is one benefit to selling your car online. You have wasted your time and fuel when you went door to door for selling your vehicle rather you didn’t get a good price and you back home and the next day you start again from this routine. It’s the 21st century in this modern era you don’t need to go door to door for selling your vehicle. Now you can sell your vehicle online on social platforms.

Online Car Selling Experience

I am going to share my own car selling experience I went to the market and visited door to door for selling my vehicle but the car dealers gave me a not reasonable price for my car so I was very worried about that and urgently I need money.

Then my friend told me about one online social platform autodeals. I just made an account on it and took some pictures of my car and posts it on that in two or three hours. I have sold my vehicle at a very good price. My experience was very best.

Here are some tips for selling your vehicle online within a few hours that are mentioned in below,

  • Create an account 
  • Analysis of the Market Price
  • Complete detailing of your car
  • Take perfect & attractive pictures
  • Share complete realistic details 
  • Prepare Complete Documents

How to create an account?

It is very easy to create an account on any social web. Just click on sign up and give your all personal information eg: complete name, residential address, email id, phone number, etc. submit all these details, therefore, buyers can contact you easily.

Analysis of the Market Price

Which car you are going to sell before analyzing the market price of that vehicle? Like rinco aria, honda hrv price in Pakistan, peugeot 5008 price in Pakistan, Then you will get an idea of the price which you want to quote. There are some main important things which are necessary for quote your car price mentioned in below.

  1. Vehicle interior & Exterior Condition
  2. Vehicle Mechanically Performance
  3. Vehicle Exact mileage

Your vehicle price depends on those points that are much important for selling your vehicle.

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Complete detailing of your car

If you give your vehicle interior a nice fresh, clean smell, it will also make the car feel clean and leave a good impression on a buyer. So must be careful about it before selling your vehicle your car should be neat and clean from its exterior and interior.

Take perfect & attractive pictures

After detailing your car choose the best background which will attract others. Park your car there and take complete pictures of its interior and exterior. Because when you will take good pictures and post in on social platforms then buyers will attract to them and they will prepare 70% of their minds about this vehicle. Car for sale in Lahore on an immediate basis.

Share complete realistic details 

After taking pictures you will select some options in which there most of the questions will be clear like,

  • Make
  • Model & registration city
  • Variant
  • Mileage
  • Fully Description

Why make use of the vehicle?

Make it nominates the vehicle brand it will be easy for a buyer to know about its maker and which brand it is. Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Nissan, etc. 

Why are Model & registration cities Important for vehicles?

It is a very common thing when anyone goes to purchase a vehicle he wants to know about its model & registration city because price only varies on a vehicle model. It will be easy for a buyer to know the price of the vehicle according to its model registration city is also an important part because the buyer belongs to that city he will prefer that car whose registration number belongs to his city.

Variant Based on car price

Every car has many variants which differentiate the features and functions of a Japanese cars. Which is known as a basic and full option car. So, car price depends on variants too. 

Why Mileage is important for a vehicle?

Vehicle mechanical performance is known from its mileage. It shows how much car engine life is left and how much can it survive. So, show the exact mileage of your car that has been driven.

Fully Description

The description is that thing which analysis the complete condition of your car. It shows how much your car is perfect it makes an image in the mind of a buyer who is interested in a vehicle 90% of buyers mentally prepare that this vehicle is according to his requirement or not and its price is suitable according to market or not. After that when the buyer comes to the place of the vehicle to see it then he just clears his all doubts and the deal can be mature.

Prepare Complete Documents

Documentation is the backbone of the vehicle when everything will be alright and the deal will close then your vehicle documents with auction sheet verification should be complete. Because on behalf of documents buyer can transfer the vehicle in his name or if it’s not registered already then he can register easily. Never try to hide anything from the buyer because it will create a bad impression on the deal and your future.


If you follow all these instructions then damn sure you will not face any issues in selling your vehicle you can sell your vehicle easily in a few hours if all these instructions should be following from your side.



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