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Exploring the Top Blockchain Degree Programs of 2023

If someone asked you to invest in cryptocurrency a few years ago, what would be your response? You probably might have been skeptical of making any such investments with a lack of knowledge of crypto and blockchain. Today, blockchain is not just in crypto assets but in industries like logistics, medical science, finance, etc. Blockchain technology is one of the most prominent future technologies currently. People can keep records and manage data securely and transparently because of blockchain.

Why Choose Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology offers very high security to the information stored in its decentralized structure. This is why; a lot of major tech companies are offering great jobs to blockchain developers. Now you might be thinking about how you can become a professional in blockchain technology now. Well, the answer is simple and you will require a proper degree in computer science and knowledge in blockchain technology. While doing the degree, you will need to improve your skillset in blockchain technology, smart contracts, cryptography, and other related tech. So, if you wish to get into a career based on blockchain technology, then it is best that you search for a proper blockchain degree.

Now that you are here, you need not do much hard work in finding the best blockchain degree programs around the world. A lot of universities have recognized blockchain technology as a requirement for the future. Moreover, many expert organizations are also offering a degree in blockchain in a highly efficient manner. We are going to provide you with a list of top universities and organizations offering a degree in blockchain.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

You must have heard of this prestigious college as it is the most sought-after technical institute in the world. It has been ranked first for the kind of curriculum and opportunities that it offers. The biggest tech companies offer the best-paying roles to the students who take degrees from MIT. MIT has recognized the importance of blockchain technology and therefore offers a degree in blockchain under different domains. The university is running a digital currency initiative under which it is offering ten blockchain degree programs to students from all over the world. Out of these ten, two are online and free programs that you can avail of from anywhere and get proper certification.

Out of all these programs, the most notable one has been ‘Entrepreneurship without Borders.’ Here the university is taking an effort to teach unique entrepreneurial skills to the students and help them understand how blockchain technology can be used in startups. Students get to experience blockchain technology in front of them through various projects. So, MIT has become a college where blockchain technology is starting to bloom.

Cornell University 

If you have heard the name of Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, you will be glad to know that he conducted a ‘Crypto Boot Camp’ at Cornell University. Cornell is offering the highest number of blockchain degree programs among all the universities in the world. It offers two certificate programs under the banner of blockchain and fintech. Moreover, it has twelve other blockchain courses and nine fintech courses as well. The university is one of the Ivy League and is famous for the research culture that it promotes. Students of this university get to experience the power of blockchain technology and fintech combined.

A lot of luminaries of Cornell University are already big names in the field of blockchain technology. So, if you are looking for a degree in blockchain that provides you with the right career path, then start preparing to get into the prestigious Cornell University.

Blockchain Council Course 

What about the people who already have a graduation degree or the ones who cannot get into such Ivy League colleges? Well, the Blockchain Council is the organization that has prepared blockchain degree courses to help support people. They are an organization of tech enthusiasts who have made their motto to educate tech-savvy people about blockchain. The company is offering an interactive and live training blockchain degree course to the people. The course is self-paced and you can finish the course according to your timing. It is a comprehensive course that builds the fundamentals of an individual and takes them to the extreme top of blockchain technology.

The best thing about this course is that it is being taught by subject matter experts from the industry itself. You will also be getting to put your hands on and understand various real-life blockchain technology projects. The course is affordable for people and provides proper certification to the students. So, if you wish to get into this field, the blockchain council is offering you an amazing opportunity to start from the basics.

Harvard University and Coursera 

You might be wondering that if a course is being offered by Harvard, it would cost a lot of money. Well, that is where Coursera has nailed it. Harvard University and Coursera have collaborated to offer several free blockchain degree courses to students. They have created courses from Harvard faculties for the students who cannot afford the high tuition fee of the university. The courses range from basic to the most complex use cases of blockchain technology. At the end of the course, you also get proper certificates to prove that you have credible knowledge of blockchain technology.

So, if you wish to get a degree in blockchain, this Harvard X Coursera arrangement seems to be a great choice for you. The courses let you in on the uses of blockchain technology in various fields. Also, they will help you build your skill set without spending much money.


This is a list of top blockchain degree programs that you can find this year around the globe. If you wish to go to the best universities and get a degree in blockchain then MIT and Cornell are the best you can find. For an online degree in blockchain, you can turn to Blockchain Council or Harvard X Coursera deals. The only thing that you should have in mind is to improve your skills in blockchain technology. Also, if you can learn about smart contracts, cryptography, and the implementation of various aspects of blockchain technology, you will be a high potential grab for the tech giants. So, just make sure that you are moving in the right direction and you will make a great career in this field.



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