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Fallout 76: 12 Things Beginners Should Do First

Fallout 76 is very different from the other games in the series, so these tips will help players do well in the game.

Fallout 76 came out in 2018, and it was the first Fallout game that focused on multiplayer. It was a total change of direction from single-player projects. A live-service MMORPG game was added to the series, which caused huge rifts in the community almost right away.

Fallout 76 is still a persistent game, and Bethesda Game Studios works hard to keep it fresh by constantly adding fixes and new content drops. As they keep the game going, more and more people are joining Fallout 76 to explore Appalachia, which has the biggest map of any game in the series. Compared to games like Fallout 4, Fallout 76 is very different, and most new players need all the help they can get.

Cook For Literal Survival

Even though it’s exciting to explore the irradiated unknown of the nuclear wasteland in Fallout 76. Players still have to deal with the fact that their character is a person. Unlike mutants and survivors on the surface, who have gotten used to eating radioactive food, players have to keep an eye on their Hunger and Thirst Meters if they want to stay on the surface for a long time.

In turn, players need to learn not only how to gather resources but also how to cook food and water that can be drunk. The game’s making system tells players what recipes they know and what materials they need to make them, so it’s best for them to keep these things on hand in case they need to make food or water in a hurry.

Crouch Helps In Combat

Since the fighting system in Fallout 76 is the same as in more recent games in the series, veterans of the series can use the same tactics to fight off monsters and mutants that want to eat them. And unlike other FPS games, where players can just shoot their way out of trouble, enemies in Fallout 76 are harder. So players have to use stealth and more strategic ways to fight to stay alive. This is where the crouch function comes in handy for players who want to find out more about the enemies around them.

When a player crouchs, they can aim more correctly and make it harder for enemies to attack them. Not only that, but when a player is crouching, the game shows a “Caution” message to let them know if an enemy is close. This cool crouching feature lets players check to see if they missed any enemies during a fight, especially if they were hidden nearby.

Sneak Attacks Speed Up Fights

Since Fallout 76 is also made by BethSoft, it’s not strange that many of its combat ideas come from the popular Elder Scrolls series. Even though Fallout 76 and the other current Fallout games don’t have magic or a wide range of melee weapons, they still have a familiar mechanic: sneak attacks do twice as much damage.

In Fallout 76, this is a tool that players can use. Especially when they are low on ammo or are running out of time because of World Events. If a player has a good vantage point, like a lot of places to hide or a good view from a distance. They can quickly kill a lot of enemies in camps with a gun and good aim.

Set Up CAMP Strategically

Even though there are a lot of fast journey points in Fallout 76. The fact that they cost money might soon make them inconvenient for new players. The CAMP, or Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform, makes it possible for them to do this for free. Having a CAMP anywhere on the map not only gives players a place to make things, but also lets them get there for free.

But players who want to move around the map more quickly may want to think about where they put their CAMP. Players might want to put their CAMPs in the middle of different fast area spots instead of just putting them anywhere. So, players can go to their preferred location for less money instead of having to pay the full price when fast traveling from a far away place, which can be expensive when looking for rare encounters in Fallout 76.

Collect Everything

From the start, new Fallout 76 players should try to get as much as they can, even if it doesn’t matter. This includes things for healing, weapons, clothing, ammunition, food, and drink. There is a pretty advanced business and crafting system in Fallout 76. If players don’t need something they find, they can sell it or scrap it.

Also, if a player goes through all of those packages, they might find some useful stuff. This is a “loot-driven” game, and there are a lot of things to pick up, both from enemies you kill and from locked boxes.

Don’t Run From Events

Public events happen all the time in Fallout 76, and you should never miss them. They are the best ways to get rewards, experience points. And tools in the game, and they also give the player the chance to talk to other Wastelanders.

There are some big, hard things going on, and some are more “worthy” than others. But none of them should be ignored. For example, Rad Rumble is a 10-minute game. That can give the player tens of thousands of experience points if the right things happen.

Identify Your Build Early

Fallout 76 is different from its predecessor, Fallout 4. In that you can only use a certain number of perks at once. The “perk card system” in Fallout 76 lets players build a “deck” of classic Fallout perks like Strong Back, Commando, Action Boy, and so on. In Fallout 76, card packs are used to randomly unlock perks. This makes the game a little more complicated than if the player could just open whatever they wanted.

So, it’s a great idea for players to have an idea of what build they want to go for as soon as possible. So they can start putting together their decks to fit the way they play. In Fallout 76, having a well-built perk deck is important from the start. No matter if you like melee weapons, heavy guns, or explosives.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Losing

When exploring Appalachia, players may avoid fights because they are afraid of losing. But there’s not much to worry about when it comes to losing. Since all the players lose when they lose is their junk. In rare cases, that junk can be very valuable. But the player can always go back and get it after he or she dies and respawns.

If a player dies while playing Fallout 76, they will only lose their junk, not their levels, experience points, or core items. Considering this, there aren’t many risks to exploring the map and taking on tasks as they come.

Use The Boosts

Bethesda Game Studios holds double XP weekends every so often in Fallout 76. This is one of the best times to level up and make your character better. But you can’t just jump in and start doing things in Appalachia in the most basic way.

There are a lot of ways to get more experience points in Fallout 76. Players can, for example, lie down in a bed for a few minutes, go to an event called “Path to Enlightenment,” eat Cranberry Cobbler, or take a “Mentat.” These acts can boost a character’s experience points and overall gains, making them grow faster at any level.

Learn A Loot Route

The Appalachian area of West Virginia is the setting for a huge map in Fallout 76. There are many interesting places all over the map, but not all of them are worth going to. But there are a few that offer a lot of chances to level up because they are full of powerful. High-level enemies.

For example, The Burrows is a place where a lot of Ghouls live in an underground sewer. Or, there’s West-Tek, which is one of the most famous places in Fallout’s past and is full of dozens of high-level, very powerful Super Mutant enemies. All of these enemies give the player a lot of loot and a lot of experience points. This makes it easy to level up fast.

Build The Best C.A.M.P.

The C.A.M.P. system is one of the things that makes Fallout 76 stand out. With a C.A.M.P., players can settle down wherever they want. They put down a small machine that marks a certain spot as their base. Where they can build buildings and place hundreds of different assets.

At the beginning of the game, players are told about C.A.M.P.s and given a guide, but Backrooms game is so much more than what is suggested. C.A.M.P.s are very helpful for new players because they offer free buffs. Helpful friends, crafting benches, storage solutions, and much more.

Invest In Fallout 1st

Fallout 1st was added to Fallout 76 in 2019 as a “premium” membership. That players could pay for and get a wide range of skills and benefits from. For example, a storage box that can hold an endless amount of building and crafting materials, a “survival tent” that can be set up anywhere, free in-game credit called “Atoms,” and the ability to load into a private server.

Once a new player gets the hang of how Fallout 76 works, they should at least look into Fallout 1st because it has so many benefits for even the most casual players.

Now, you can play Fallout 76 on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.



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