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Graphic Designing Course in Australia And Become Professional Designer

In this graphic designing course by using Photoshop is a useful tool whether you need to create a unique presentation, a resume that stands out, or an Instagram post that gets people’s attention right away.

You may make all of these things and more with the free graphic design tool that is accessible both online and through the app; however, if your needs are more commercial, you can upgrade to the Pro edition and gain access to a plethora of premium items.

How Photoshop Used For Professional Designers:

With its user-friendly interface, a plethora of preloaded templates and tools, and the option to use its image generator, creating content with this fantastic app is a breeze; if you need to add text to a photo, check out our recommendations. Photoshop is a free, user-friendly, and mobile-friendly online graphic design tool for both professional and personal use.

The idea for the company originated in July 2012, when Melanie Perkins of Sydney, Australia, saw a need in the market for a simple graphic design tool. While studying marketing and communications at the University of Western Australia, Perkins became irritated with the complexity of existing design software and set out to make it possible for anyone to produce professional-quality visuals without learning any special software. equivalent to that found in the professional community.

Global Popularity:

In 2020, seven years later, photoshop boasted over 30 million active users each and every month. You can access all of Photoshop’s features by signing up for an account with your email address or your Google, Facebook, or Apple credentials, and then using the program on your computer. The editor is a drag-and-drop type, so if you find something in the toolbar that you think would be a good addition to a presentation or image, you can simply drag it into your workspace.

But what exactly can you create with Photoshop? Very. Actually, photoshop enables you to do the following:

  • Curved text can be created with a number of different effects and even animations.
  • PDFs: PDF editing
  • Infuse your images with special effects
  • Image enhancement
  • Frame your photographs and add captions.
  • Video
  • Online video recording service
  • Edit some videos.


Make anything from social media posts and resumes to presentations, posters, calendars, business cards, and logos.
photoshop even includes a built-in, free graphic generator that uses your words!
photoshop also provides a plethora of “free forever” features, including more than 250,000 templates, more than 100 design types (social media posts, presentations, letters, and more), and more than 1 million photos, font styles, and graphics (as well as AI-enhanced design tools like Magic Writing, Magic Project, and Magic Retouching).
Free memberships provide users with 5GB of cloud storage and the option to invite others to join their “team” on Photoshop for real-time design feedback and collaboration. You’re allowed to create up to 20 free teams, each of which can have up to 3,000 members.

You may save your work locally, send it to friends and family, and even post it on external platforms.

It’s still going on, too. Photoshop, in reality, provides a suite of educational resources and is compatible with learning management systems (LMS) and Google Classroom.

Distinctions between the Free and Pro versions of Photoshop

However, we have been discussing Photoshop free plan, Photoshop Gratis, up until this point. Photoshop Pro is a paid subscription service that provides users with access to a larger library of templates and media files.

The difference between Photoshop Free and Photoshop Pro is that the latter gives you access to all of photoshop stock templates and objects. Here are some of the premium plan’s benefits above the free one:

Access to a plethora of high-quality templates
Get your hands on more than a hundred million high-quality stock media files, such as images, sounds, and animations
Up to 100 Company Kits allow you to define your brand’s visual identity using logos, colors, and fonts.
With Magic Resize, you can resize your creations to your heart’s content.
One-click background removal for photos and video
Beat Sync allows a movie’s music to sync up with the visuals automatically.
Additional artificial intelligenceā€“driven design tools, such as Magic Eraser and Magic Writing
The capacity for cross-platform content scheduling
Online Drive One Terabyte
Aid for clients around the clock
Photoshop Pro gives you access to 1 terabyte of cloud storage, more than double the amount available in the free version, and the ability to schedule the release of your social media material for a time and date of your choosing.

You can upload your brand’s fonts, color palette, and logos to use across the entire Photoshop platform with the so-called Brand Kit tool, and with the Magic Resize tool, you can easily convert a post made for Twitter, for instance, into a post made for Facebook with just one click.

So, you want to know how much Photoshop Pro costs. Monthly payments of 11.99 euros (or 143.88 euros annually) are required to maintain a subscription, while annual payments of 109.99 euros (or 9.16 euros per month) are required. Whether you require access to the tool permanently or just for a limited time can help you decide.

The good news is that you can test out the features of Photoshop Pro without spending a dime for a limited time (but not that limited, 30 days).

Functioning of Photoshop
In sum, we realized that Photoshop is a site that can help with a wide variety of graphic design tasks, from making a poster for a social gathering (like a birthday party) to more professional tasks like generating a presentation or a resume.

As we foresaw from the outset, picking your platform of choice is the first order of business (or multiple platforms, because your work will be synced in the cloud). Accessible from:

Web desktop programs for Windows PC are available via the Microsoft Store or the website, while Mac apps are available from the App Store or the website. The desktop software is preferable to the website when working on a personal computer because it provides a dedicated program with smart tabs for more efficient project management and notification control.

However, in order to avoid heavier and less rigorous management, you will be required to download an app. The decision is yours.

Login to Photoshop
After downloading the app or visiting the website, you will be prompted to sign in, i.e. create an account with Photoshop. If you don’t see the option you want when you first click Continue, you can still register by doing one of the following:

business correspondence via email
Accounts for Google and Apple
Accounts on Facebook
A Microsoft ID
Account on the educational portal Clever.
You can authorize an app on two devices at once if you’ve already checked in from one of them.

You will now be looking at Photoshop’s home page, which is vibrant and packed with information.



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