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Healthpally descry having CS vs Turning Breech Baby

What is a Breech Presentation?

A breech baby is a fetal position (also called presentation) whereby the baby is in a sitting position instead of turning head down.

Breech position is the commonest fetal presentation for babies below 32 weeks, and when a pregnancy is at 32 weeks and above, the baby is expected to start getting ready for delivery and turn head down.

When the baby dies not turn at 36 weeks, then, the pregnant woman is at the risk of child delivery, and the baby is either turned to the right position or cesarean section is conducted to deliver the baby.

Is Breech baby birth possible and what are the requirements?

A vaginal birth with a breech presentation of the child is quite possible but not common.

Since the birth should ideally progress quickly, experienced obstetricians are required here to deliver the baby safely.

The unborn child should also meet certain requirements for a vaginal birth to be successful, chaktty said.

If possible, the unborn child should not weigh more than 3500 grams and its waist circumference should not be much smaller than its head circumference. 

The latter is important because the birth canal is already sufficiently stretched when the child’s belly emerges.

In this case, the head can be born quickly afterwards. The exit of the head should ideally occur between 20 and 60 seconds after the birth of the body.

According to health pally, For a better relaxation of the mother and an accelerated birth, a Paridural anesthesia (PDA) recommended. 

An episiotomy is also often performed to make it easier for the head to pass through.

Cesarean section in the breech position

In the run-up to a birth with the child in the breech position, the doctor will always consider how risky a vaginal birth is. 

If, for various reasons, this is too risky for the mother and/or child, she/he will  recommend a caesarean section.

You should discuss this in detail with your doctor to understand your health status and to be able to conduct the CS successfully.

According to sexpally report, CS is successful 95%, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Should you Rotate the child before birth?

Don’t worry if your baby hasn’t turned its head down by the end of the seventh month of pregnancy.

Around a quarter of all unborn babies are still in the womb with their heads up at this stage, according to healthpally data.

However, most of them still turn upside down until birth. If your baby still doesn’t turn by itself, there are still ways to motivate the child to turn. 

These include the following methods: 

Moxibustion: An acupuncture point on the little toes of both feet is stimulated using a lit mugwort cigar. The woman’s pelvis is usually elevated.

Indian Bridge: A hatha yoga exercise to help your baby rotate. It is best to ask your midwife or doctor about this. Here we have a detailed explanation for you.

Light: The baby can be lured up using a light source (e.g. a flashlight).

Sounds: The unborn child is animated to follow a certain sound with its head upwards and thus to turn around.External turning: A doctor tries to turn the baby with special handles from the outside, in the mother’s belly.



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