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How Much Is the Cost of Laser Hair Removal?

Do you want to have silky-smooth skin, but are frightened by the idea of trying painful waxing or other hair removal methods like shaving or tweezing? If yes then you are not alone as many people across the world also deal with the same problem. We bring to you an amazing alternative to hairy body parts; laser hair removal.

This is one of the most advanced and commonly used treatments for hair removal. This lets us eliminate sharing tweeze or wax hair from various body parts as you will have hair-less skin for years or even a lifetime, depending upon several factors. While it is a commonly used treatment, many people still wonder how much is laser hair removal cost.

The cost of laser hair removal

Well, there is no static answer to this question as the cost for laser hair removal may greatly between each patient. The reason is that there are various factors that can affect the cost of the treatment such as the size of the area being treated, the skin tone, hair thickness, hair color, hormones, and a lot more. Generally, the larger areas like the stomach, legs, and arms may take more than the number of sessions required are more than the smaller areas like upper lips and underarms. The more number of sessions will result in higher costs due to the time and effort involved.

Average cost for laser hair removal

Talking about the average cost for laser hair removal will depend on where you will have laser hair removal. Generally, the cost for laser hair removal treatment may be anywhere between $60 and $400 CAD per treatment. But yes, it is suggested that you consult with a professional in the field to have a good idea about the appropriate cost you will have to pay for the treatment. The professional will diagnose your specific health condition and other factors to suggest the exact cost applicable for the treatment. Wondering what goes into determining the price of your hair removal?

Body part

One of the most important factors for determining the cost of laser hair removal is the type of body part you want to treat with the technology. Smaller areas like the pubic part, underarms, or upper lips can require much less time and generally end up with a smaller bill. Similarly, the larger areas like arms or legs will require more time and treatment and will cost more.

The number of sessions

It is important to understand that you cannot get the desired results in just one session of laser hair removal. The reason here is that not all hair can be treated with laser devices. These devices will only treat the hair that is in the active growing stage i.e. Anagen. To kill the hair across the body parts, multiple sessions will be required, which will determine the cost you will pay for the complete hair removal. The more sessions you need, the higher will be your bill for hair removal.

Experience of provider

The cost of laser hair removal is not the same everywhere. For example, at one place you need to pay around USD 50 per session while other laser hair removal clinics may charge USD 80 per session. The cost can be higher or lower depending upon the experience of the service provider. The professionals with more experience may charge higher money for the treatment sessions.

Skin tone & hair color

Another important factor that will determine the cost of laser hair removal is the skin tone you have. The technology works better with light skin tones as the device is able to identify hair follicles in fair skin. Similarly, people having dark hair can get better results in less time, which means the cost will be less for people having darker hair on the skin.

Final Words

We hope this blog solved your queries related to how much is laser hair removal costs. However, in case of any confusion,  it is suggested to visit a trusted laser hair removal clinic where you can consult with a professional in the field who will diagnose your particular case and can suggest the best and most accurate cost for the treatment.

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