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How Parents can help their Teen in the High School admission Process and during their Whole Academic Journey

High school is a crucial time for students as it prepares them for college and adulthood. It is a time when students develop their academic and social skills, explore their interests and passions, and begin to think about their future goals. Choosing the Indian schools abu dhabi can play a vital role in a student’s success. A school that aligns with a student’s academic strengths and interests can provide a challenging and rewarding educational experience. Additionally, a school that offers a supportive and inclusive community can foster personal growth and development. By finding the right high school, students can set themselves up for success in college and beyond.

The High School admission process can vary depending on the school and the region, but some common things that students can expect are:

Application form

Students will need to complete an application form with their personal information, academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and other relevant information.

Entrance exam or admission test

Some high schools require students to take an entrance exam or admission test to assess their academic abilities.

Transcript or academic record

Students may need to submit their academic transcript or record of their grades and academic performance from their previous school.


Some high schools may require students to attend an interview with a member of the admission committee or a school administrator.

Letters of recommendation

Students may need to provide letters of recommendation from teachers, counsellors, or other professionals who know them well and can speak to their academic abilities, character, and potential.

Application fee

All high schools require students to pay an application fee to cover administrative costs associated with the admission process.


Students should be aware of application deadlines and make sure to submit their application and supporting documents before the deadline.


In some cases, students may be placed on a waitlist if the high school has already filled all its available spots. Students should be prepared to wait and be flexible in case a spot becomes available later. Therefore make sure to have a backup option of the next best or second preferred school in case you do not meet the criteria or seats are full.

Acceptance or rejection

After the High School admission committee has reviewed all the applications, students will receive either an acceptance letter or a rejection letter. If accepted, students will usually be required to submit an enrollment deposit to secure their spot

How Parents can Support their Teen in High school Journey 

High school demands a lot from students as they are preparing for college and adulthood. Here are some things that high school will demand from students and how parents can support them in their journey:

Time management

High school students will have a lot of homework, projects, and extracurricular activities. They will need to manage their time effectively to keep up with all their responsibilities. Parents can support their children by helping them create a schedule, prioritising tasks, and teaching them time management skills.

Independent learning

High school students will be expected to do a lot of independent learning. They will need to read textbooks, research topics, and complete assignments on their own. Parents can support their children by teaching them how to research and learn independently, as well as providing them with resources and a quiet place to study.


High school students will need to take responsibility for their own education and their choices. They will need to make decisions about their classes, their extracurricular activities, and their future goals. Parents can support their children by encouraging them to take responsibility for their choices and helping them make informed decisions.

Social skills

High school is a time when students will need to develop their social skills. They will need to learn how to interact with their peers, form friendships, and work with others on group projects. Parents can support their children by encouraging them to get involved in extracurricular activities, volunteering, or community service, which will help them develop their social skills.

Emotional and mental health

High school students may experience a lot of stress, anxiety, and pressure. Parents can support their children by listening to them, encouraging them to take breaks when needed, and helping them seek professional help if necessary.


High school is the most important period in a student’s life. Therefore, their focus should be on achieving good performance and academic success. Parents are a great support system to their children, so all the parents should make an effort by being involved in their teens’ education, showing interest in their academic progress, and being there for them when they need emotional support. Parents can also work with Indian schools and Abu Dhabi teachers and school counsellors to ensure their children are getting the support they need to succeed in high school.



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