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How to Draw a Shih Tzu

How to Draw a Shih Tzu. Draw Shih Tzu in just 6 easy steps! The Shih Tzu is only one of the individual puppy species and one of the cutest! This breed is known for its small size, flat face, and long, wavy hair that covers its entire body. While well known for these aspects, they are also renowned for being a tenacious and friendly breed with a big personality.

It has become a popular breed worldwide, and it is also great fun to learn how to draw a Shih Tzu. This can be tricky, so you’ll want to read until the end of this tutorial to see how it’s done! We hope you enjoy playing with this little dog in this step-by-step manual on removing a Shih Tzu in just 6 straightforward actions.

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How to Draw a Shih Tzu – Allow’s acquire Begun!

Step 1

We’ll start with the dog’s face to create this focus on how to withdraw a Shih Tzu. As we noted in the opening, the face of this breed is one of the dog’s most distinctive parts so we will portray it accurately. Begin by removing a short, balanced snout for the puppy. Draw a few small game bodies covered by multiple curved lines for the canine’s eyes.

Shih Tzus tend to have coats sticking out of their faces and look like big mustaches; we’ll begin drawing those too. Use extended curved bars on the flanks of the face. We will complete these portions of hair as we progress through the next steps of the guide.

Step 2: Presently Remove the Lid of Shih Tzu’s Head

For the next part of your Shih Tzu drawing, we will draw the hairy top of the head. First, draw a small knot on the middle section of the hair you drew in the previous step.

Using curved lines, we will also extend some hair from this bun. Following, we will remove the floppy ears on the flanks of the crown. These will also be removed with several curved lines combined and marked like this to create the ears more satiny.

Step 3: Remove Slightly More of the Beginning and Front Portions

You will now draw better of the face and add the front legs in this third phase of our guide to drawing a Shih Tzu. We’ll be using a very curved line for the dog’s mouth, which will help give the face that characteristic grumpy expression this breed usually has. Next, we’ll draw curved lines around this area to make it look fluffier and hairier.

Use a few more curved lines for the outline of the front legs and a bit more of the body for the Shih Tzu. A line at the ground will connect the front legs as a curtain of hair covers the dog’s body.

Step 4: Mark the Beginning of the Seat and the Rear Area

For the next part of this Shih Tzu drawing, we resolve to count the beginning of the bottom and the about part of the body. The tail is fluffy and sits in a slight, extended bulge on the dog’s upper back. You can remove this bottom by developing a rare curved pipe up and out, nearly like a fur spray.

Next, we will also draw the middle part of the body. As we mentioned, this dog has a curtain of fur that wraps around the body. And you can portray it with more curved lines in this middle section. Once this piece is removed, you can schedule to complete the last pieces and features in the following direction step.

Step 5 : Measure the Final Points to Your Shih Tzu Sketch

You are currently prepared to complete this drawing to be prepared for the last step of this guide on how to draw a Shih Tzu. First, finish the body, using a few longer curved lines to complete the last section of the “curtain” of hair that wraps around the body. Once the body is done, we can draw more details on the face to increase the hairiness of this area.

You can even count more particular to the watches by removing some students. Then you are prepared for the last step! Also, add a background or elements that would suit this image.

Step 6: Complete Your Shih Tzu Illustration With Colour

We’ll end with some color for the final step in this Shih Tzu drawing. In our reference image, we chose to color the dog with white sections alternating with brown sections.



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