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How To Refuse an Unsafe Patient Assignment as a Nurse?

Nursing is a noble field that focuses in provide care to sick people or patients. These days many students prefer to acquire a degree in nursing and make a career as a nurse. As a nursing student, you need to gain practical knowledge of the subject and learn the advanced technology used in relevant filed. The subject of nursing is very complicate. It also includes some laws relevant to the field. To enhance awareness about the subject, students are given write projects. Students face several issues while drafting nursing papers. During their professional career, several situations nurses face when the assignment is unsafe to handle. The academic writing tasks help to develop a proper understanding of the subject and provide awareness of how to tackle the problem. To handle the writing task excellently, students prefer to take nursing assignment help from UK experts.

Professional experts have in-depth knowledge of the subject and expertise to deal with writing problems. They can assist students to prepare the solution in the proper structure. It helps students not only to submit top-quality academic papers but also enhance awareness of the nursing discipline including the roles and responsibilities.

What is an Unsafe Nursing Assignment?

 Nurses help patients whenever needed. It fills the gap when the staff is in shortfall. They have responsibilities to take care of patients and recover them from illness. However, sometimes nurses are ask to do certain things such as accepting assignments or responsibilities that are beyond their practices and potential to handle.  Is it right to say no or should say yes, in this situation? In what cases you can refuse unsafe patient assignments as a nurse?

Taking help with nursing assignment experts, you will get detail information about such situations. It helps you to understand what you should or do not.  Here we will highlight short information about the common situation when nurses can refuse unsafe assignments.

Orientation to the Unit

When nurses do not receive any type of orientation to the unit or they do not have any emergency support, they can refuse unsafe nursing assignments. You should understand where the sources and find persons to whom you can question regarding the situation to get support.     

Assignments Outside Scope Of Practice

If you receive an assignment that is something out of the way of your scope of nursing practice, you need to clarify it to the superior member of the unit. As a nurse, one can only perform the role within the scope of practice. Nurses are not allow to work that are beyond the scope of license responsibilities. If you are ask to perform such tasks, you can contact your state board of nursing.      

Assignments Beyond Your Skills

If you are float or transfer to another unit and you do not have the specific skills need, this may feel unsafe for providing certain care. It is better to refuse nursing assignments for that the nurses are not capable to serve the patients. Nurses are accountable for the patients so they must develop their respective skills in the field. The nurses should be place in the unit in which they have specific knowledge and experience to provide care to the patients.         

Large Patient Population

It is a principle that the authority should determine the ratio of patients to respective staff. Sometimes the ratios of patients go much beyond the limit. Nurses should determine whether they feel safe or not to care for a certain number of patients. They should consider the acuity level of patients, available support, and personal experience. Maintaining a proper ratio of patients will help them to handle them perfectly.   

Lack of Basic Equipment and Supplies

Nursing is a field that includes caring for patients as well as handling equipment. If a unit lacks basic machines and surgical equipment like IV fluid, oxygen, tubing, etc., they can refuse the assignment. Nurses should notify the problem and the authority to get a solution to the problem. Taking help with nursing assignment experts, students can get knowledge of handling equipment and working on projects excellently.

Nursing is one of the noble professions in the world that highly focuses on providing medical and health care for the sick of all ages. If you are a nursing student, then during your course duration, to improve your knowledge of nursing, your professors will ask you to submit various kinds of nursing assignments. Basically, nursing is a wide field of study with complex topics. Hence, to complete your assignments on nursing topics before the deadline, you can avail of our nursing assignment help services. Taking our online nursing homework help will reduce your academic stress and boost your academic grades.


 These are some cases that nurses face in their professional careers. If you are a nursing student you should aware of the situation when you should refuse the unsafe nursing assignment.  To gain knowledge of this and perform well in the nursing profession, you should take nursing assignment help from experts in the UK.   



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