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How to Remove Someone from Best Friends on Snapchat: Simple Methods

Snapchat gained a lot of popularity as soon as the application was launched because the application was introduced with a very new concept that was not familiar to people when the application first came to the markets and that is why due to the novelty of the application, there were many people who created accounts on the application and added people in their accounts to share snaps with them. 

However, after reviewing their friends list, it was clear to people that they have added unnecessary people to their friends list and that is why people these days are looking for methods that will tell them how to get someone off your best friends list. Here in the blog, you will get to know about the same so, we suggest that you read everything given here very carefully. 

Can You Remove People from your Best Friends List?

If you are wondering whether snapchat has a feature to remove people from snapchat best friends list then, permit me to tell you that there is no feature in the application currently that allows people to remove people from their best friends list or delete their contact which means that if you have a person that you wish to erase from your list then, you need to use other complex methods are there is no straightforward method for the same. 

The first thing that you can do on the application when you want to remove someone from your best friends list is to stop any form of interaction with them. This method is quite effective as your interaction is the main reason why the person is in your best friends list and if you stop sharing and received snaps from them then, your interaction will immediately stop and this person will go down in your best friends list. 

However, if you do not want to use this method and just want the person to completely disappear from the list then, the other method that you can use when you want to know how to remove best friends on snapchat is to block them. 

Blocking a person is the most effective way in which you can delete any form of interaction between you two and we also recommend that you can also unblock the person if you do not want to permanently remove them as this will reset the snaps score and interaction between the other person and you and this will remove them from the list of your best friends. 

Your interaction with the other person determines whether the person will be on your friends list or not and that is why ending all forms of interaction like snaps and messages is the most effective means that will help you in removing the person from the list of your best friends since the application has not provided a method to do the same. 

We hope that you have understood and comprehended every bit of information that we have discussed here and you can use your Snapchat account according to your needs. 

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