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How to Turn off Avast Temporarily & Permanent?

Are you finding information about how to temporarily turn Avast Off or to turn it permanently? If yes, then we have the right information for you using which you can know about the steps which you are supposed to follow for it. 

But before this, you have to know certain things such as you have to disable avast antivirus if you do not want to uninstall it, and you can also hit on the right click on the Avast icon so that you can disable the shields control. 

There are two methods which we are going to provide to you which are mentioned below in this blog but ensure that you do execute the steps given effectively. 

Method no. 1 – Make use of System tray icon 

To know how to turn off avast temporarily or permanently you have to first right click on the avast icon you see in the system tray after which you have to move to the second step. 

In the second step you need to move to avast shields controls which is the second option you will be able to see in the pop up menu which is seen on the right side of the avast antivirus icon.

Now go ahead to opt for the option how you wish to be get disabled for which you have around four options available in front of you which are, you can disable for 10 minutes, you can disable for around an hour, you can disable it until the computer gets restarted and the last option is to disable it permanently. 

After selecting, you should hit on ok, stop button which is a green icon on the screen which will eventually disable the avast antivirus. 

Method no. 2 – Make use of the settings of Avast 

This is another way of finding out how to turn off avast for which you need to begin with opening avast either from the desktop or from the system tray. 

Now, you need to hit on the menu icon which is the three horizontal lines which are there on the right upper corner of the main window of Avast. 

Proceed to hit on the settings icon which will be like a gear icon after which you have to press on the protection button from the screen on the left side. 

Now, in this step you have to press on core shields and then press on the toggle which is next to the core shields and then select for how long you wish to disable it and the options are the same as in the above steps. 

Finally hitting on ok, stop button you will be able to disable it and you can get done with the process.We believe that the details which we have mentioned for you in this blog has been helpful for you in all ways; however, if you still want to get to know something more about Avast then you can have a look at website named Cleaner Suite on your web browser.

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