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IELTS Preparation Course in Dubai With NlpTech

IELTS practice materials, free study sessions, and preparation workshops

With NLPTECH, you can better prepare for the IELTS exam.

It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to study for an English test, which is why IELTS offers more official study materials than any other provider of English tests.

Check out the official NLPTECH IELTS study materials below:

Reading, Writing, and Speaking Assist for IELTS

You can contact IELTS professionals through IELTS Assist. This is your chance to receive personalized guidance on how to improve your English and perform better on tests.

Ahead of the IELTS Webinar

A quick-paced, three-hour online class that will give you advice and methods for getting ready for the IELTS test.

Masterclass for IELTS

A two-hour workshop for people striving for a high band score is offered as part of the free IELTS Masterclass. It gives you the skills and knowledge to help you aim high on the IELTS and offers next-level IELTS assistance.

Webinar for IELTS Masterclass

A 2.5-hour session that allows you to communicate with the IELTS specialist in real time without having to leave your home. All you need is a computer or other internet-connected device!

IELTS Expert

A thorough online IELTS exam preparation program. When you schedule your IELTS Preparation Course in dubai, you will receive FREE 30-day access to the module of your choosing.

IELTS Practice Tests for Free

Use these Free IELTS practice tests to be ready for your exam. Review your responses and contrast them with the sample responses. Now download them!

IELTS Benefit

An IELTS preparation tool from NLPTECH that includes more than 40 minutes of Don Oliver’s IELTS recommendations.

Ask the IELTS Expert at NLPTECH Live Steaming

Twice a month, an NLPTECH IELTS expert will offer a one-hour Q&A session on Facebook Live. Get advice from the experts on how to respond to the IELTS exam components by watching the recordings of the sessions.

Several entertaining and educational videos are provided by NLPTECH professionals to aid in your IELTS test preparation. On our YouTube channel, you can view the playlist.

Visit the NLPTECH IELTS UAE website for more IELTS study tools!



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