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Kareri Lake Trek : Things to do


Kareri Lake Trek is located in Himachal Pradesh, it is one of the best treks in India. It is suitable for both beginners as well as moderators. It is a trekking of three days with the trek length of 22 kilometres. Kareri Lake, otherwise called Kumarwah Lake, is arranged in the Dhauladhar range, lying 9 KMs from Dharamshala. This shallow lake is a freshwater chilly lake at a height of 2,934 meters and makes the most pleasant area.

The Kareri Lake trail goes through the Kareri town, which is close to Dharamshala and the pine boondocks that follow. Kareri lake is named after the town which is situated a good way off of 9km away from the lake. An intriguing reality about Kareri Lake is that it’s otherwise called Kumarwah Lake. Kareri Lake trek is more shocking than you can envision despite closeness with the town that has been seeing gridlocks in summer! A respectably troublesome trip, it goes through Kareri Town and navigates through pine woodland. The timberland gets denser for some time and you could try and have the option to recognize a Blue Jaybird or more.

The town has a Woodland Rest House, and a couple of houses that sell fundamental conveniences; a portion of these houses likewise offer offices for a night’s visit or more.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Kareri Lake trek is from August to January and then February to May. The Kareri Lake journey is less investigated and offers incredible beautiful perspectives on valleys and mountain ranges. Walk to July (i.e., pre-storm season) and afterward again from September to December (before freezing temperatures) makes for a brilliant end of the week journey insight. It is ideal to stay away from the rainstorm season as moving the mountains during that period can be dangerous and risky. 

Temperature Conditions and weather

The temperature conditions during the Kareri Lake Trek is around 8 degree celsius to 22 degree celsius. It gets colder as the night approaches, the lake remains freeze. The skies are mostly the best clear and offers panoramic views in the month of October and also the weather remains pleasant through out. 

Things to do at Kareri Lake Trek

There are many things you do at Kareri Lake Trek. It is a place filled with fun, laughter and adventurous sports. Some of the things to do at Kareri Lake Trek are :-

1. Tyrolean Traversing

A Tyrolean crossing is a procedure for getting past free space between two high spotlights on a rope without a hanging truck or truck. This is utilized in a scope of mountaineering exercises: rock getting over, specialized tree getting over, buckling, water intersections and mountain salvage. It is one of the best activities to do at Kareri Lake Trek. 

2. Trekking into the Dhauladhar Range

The Kareri Lake Trek likewise goes about as a headquarters for the Minkiani Pass in the Dhauladhar Mountains and is a tomfoolery little climbing course reasonable for explorers of all age gatherings. This journeying course is normally sorted as simple to direct and can be shrouded in one day.

3. Chinmaya Tapovan

 Chinmaya Tapova is 2 hours away from Kareri Lake Trek, as it is of around 45 kilometers away only. One can also visit this place, it is beautiful as well as a serene place. Encircled by rich woods, Chinmaya Tapovan is situated close to the Dhauladhar Mountain range in Sidhbari. The importance of the word Sidhbari implies the homestead of the Siddhas and self-acknowledged aces. It is said that this spot was home to various holy people and soothsayers who once strolled the earth and made each being unadulterated and self-understood, who came their direction. They did as such by basically showing them rehearses connected with yoga.

4. St. Johns in the wilderness church

In the midst of the setting of lavish green timberlands and frightful environment, this congregation comprises of neo-gothic design and rich European feel. The congregation was worked in 1852 and devoted to John the baptist. Belgian stained glass windows and chunks were utilized for the development. Honestly, this congregation is exceptionally novel in plan, subsequently you can’t miss this!

5. Bhagsu waterfall and temple

Bhagsu waterfall and temple is 6 kilometers away from Kareri Lake Trek. Arranged close to Bhagsunag town, this spot offers the serenity and peacefulness that you are meandering for. Predominantly the excellent fascination of the spot is the Bhagsunag sanctuary which is dedicated to Master Shiva, thusly, making it the commotion for admirers. The sanctuary and the cascade are at a nearby distance close to one another which offers a perfectly measured proportion of otherworldly energy and inner serenity.


Kareri Lake Trek is one of the best treks in India, also one of the most popular short trip destination. One should once in their lifetime should plan a trip to Kareri Lake Trek.

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