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Mascara Boxes: An Analysis of Packaging Design and Its Effectiveness in the Cosmetic Industry

Customers literally get crazy about any type of cosmetic item that their trusted brands are launching. This includes mascara as well. It can be tough to get loyal customers in this industry. A major emphasis must be put on custom mascara boxes as these can be used for branding. An industry that is as lucrative as the cosmetic one has many competitors who are spending much money on marketing campaigns. It is easy to be overshadowed by the more established brands. If you want to succeed here you need to aim to set yourself apart from the competitors. One way to do this is by proper branding via effective as well as striking packaging designs.

The following provides you with information on the packaging design of mascara boxes and the effectiveness of this in the cosmetic industry:

Simple and minimal

It has been claimed that customers recall what they have viewed first by color, then by its shape, then by symbol and finally by words. Creative a simple and striking packaging design which uses amazing color combinations can give results.

When you opt for simple along with minimalist designs, you will not include unnecessary information on the packaging which is able to confuse the customers.

The minimalist designs can stand out on noisy and cluttered store shelves. They are able to provide people with a breath of fresh air. Your brand can get a higher perceived value when you design mascara packaging like this.

Logo can be focal point

Minimalist designs are preferred by those who do not like getting presented with many overwhelming details. When you aim for classic packaging and that with a minimalist design, this can work as it provides shoppers with the idea that your mascara is one worth buying and you do not have to add too many words to convince customers to buy it.

When looking at a minimalist design for mascara packaging boxes, this will place emphasis on the brand’s logo, employ space creatively moreover feature simple typography.

Strong packaging

When a customer buys mascara they will expect it to not damage their skin. When the product is exposed to germs and other external influences, this may occur. Therefore it is important to get strong custom mascara boxes to place the mascara in so that it can remain safe.

Customers will find sturdy packaging to be more attractive rather than a box that is breaking. Strong packaging even gives the impression that the product is one that is of a high-quality and worth buying.

Environmentally friendly packaging choices

These days, consumers are focusing on brands’ environmental efforts, therefore allowing sustainable packaging to be popular. When considering sustainable packaging, a brand will play its role in conserving natural resources. This is by limiting waste on paper. They will aim to design mascara boxes which are able to be reused, repurposed or recycled.

Popular packaging options that are sustainable for mascara includes simple tuck end Kraft boxes or even pillow boxes that do not have coating. Brands that choose “green” packaging are more likely to give the impression that they care about the environment.

Premium packaging

Brands that aim to give premium products like premium mascara need to make this approach be uniform and the mascara packaging should be like this as well.

Luxury rigid boxes as well as premium quality packaging can attract customers. The boxes are even really durable so that customers prefer to keep them for storage or also home décor purposes.

You can use colors that will suggest luxury and premium products as well like using black on packaging.

Informative packaging

Mascara packaging boxes that include details about the mascara will be helpful to potential customers. You will be directly giving people information about the mascara so that they can make a decision about it.

Companies that include details like what the mascara is made from, when to use by, warnings, etc. will help the customer out. You will have to research before adding any information so that you can find out what is important to include. Too many details are not good to add as they can confuse customers about the mascara.

Give customers an experience

Nowadays many people spend much time on their smartphones therefore brands should use all platforms so that they can send their message across. Customers will endorse your mascara on social media if you can give them a wonderful customer experience.

You should create mascara boxes in a way that unboxing these will provide people with excitement. You can for instance include cardboard or foam inserts that will organize and even separate the products. This gives the customer a better visual experience.

The packaging design you use for custom mascara boxes can help you stand out in this competitive industry. The box that is alluring and strong can convince customers to check out the product.



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