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MBBS Admissions in Bangladesh: Process, Costs, and More

MBBS admissions in Bangladesh stands for Bachelor of Drugs and Bachelor of Surgery admission. It’s how students are admitted into medical schools to complete a degree in medicine and surgery. The admission process varies depending on the country and the school of medicine.

If you wish to be admitted to MBBS, you must complete high school or other related courses. At least 50% marks are needed for admission. You need to appear for a physics, chemistry, and biology test. Moreover, certain medical schools come up with pre-medical courses as well.

After fulfilling all the criteria, you can apply for the MBBS course. The appliance process usually involves submitting a form alongside supporting documents like academic transcripts, entrance examination scores, and letters of advice. Some medical schools can also require students to attend an interview before admission.

Process of getting MBBS admission in Bangladesh

Getting admission for MBBS in Bangladesh is often feasible for medical aspirants. The country has some renowned medical colleges that provide quality education at a reasonable cost. To urge admission, the primary step is to research the universities and their admission criteria. Most colleges require a minimum of 60% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in 10+2, and a few colleges can also conduct an entrance examination.

After selecting the school, the subsequent step is to use it for admission. The appliance process may vary from college to school, but generally, it involves submitting specified documents like mark sheets, passports, and other relevant certificates. Using multiple colleges is advisable to extend the probability of getting admission.

Once the appliance is accepted, the school will issue a suggestion letter. The scholar must accept the offer letter and pay the specified fees to verify the admission. It’s also essential to get a student visa to review in Bangladesh. With proper planning and preparation, getting admission for MBBS in Bangladesh is often smooth.

Cost of MBBS Admission in Bangladesh

The cost to get MBBS Admissions in Bangladesh is generally between Rs. 20 lahks to Rs. 50 lakh. It comes up with everything from tuition fees, accommodation to other expenses.

It would be best if you noticed that the course cost can also depend on the university and the location. Some universities charge more, while some charge less. Before selecting the university, you need to consider the education standards and facilities the university offers.


Getting MBBS Admissions in Bangladesh is often an excellent option for those trying to find quality education at a reasonable cost. With world-class universities and experienced faculty, Bangladesh has become a well-liked destination for medical students worldwide. MBBS admission may be a rigorous process that needs students to satisfy specific eligibility requirements and undergo a competitive application process. However, the rewards are considered to be well worth the effort for those hooked on pursuing a career in medicine and surgery.



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