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5 Reasons Morning Run Is Much Better Than Evening Run

Running is known to be one of the best, most effective yet most underrated exercises. According to fitness experts, people are usually told to work out but they are never told how effectively they can work out if they opt for equipment less workout like running or swimming. Most of us have a very tight schedule where we have to eat and workout every day but our emphasis is never on healthy living. In fact, most people are now aging after their ancestors just because of bad quality of life. Where people formally would report aches and chronic illness kicking in at a very old age, now the same symptoms are becoming evident in young people.

How Does Our Quality Of Life Impact Our Fitness And Health? 

You might be thinking what exactly is the quality of living and how have we changed it so far? Well, according to the economist although we are doing just fine technology-wise because more people are now educated and have health insurance but more people are working hard just to make the ends meet. Most of us work multiple part-time jobs with no health insurance and not good enough credit scores that we can find time to relax. In fact, even people with full-time jobs report that they wake up just to have enough time to go to work and get back with just enough time they can eat and get back to sleep. This means that their routine is so intense leaving them no time for a workout.

Why Morning Run Is Better Than Evening Run? 

There are multiple reasons experts believe the morning run is much more effective than the evening run. Although most of these reasons are backed by research, some are also backed by observations and opinions based on people who are working out on a daily basis. Here are five main reasons morning is better:

Burns Fat

Morning run has better fat-burning capacity. This is mainly because when you run on an empty stomach you will notice that the fat stored in your body will be burned as fuel. On the contrary, if you are on an evening run you will be utilizing the dinner that you just had. This will only help you with digestion and not with burning the stored fat.

Keeps You Active Throughout

Staying active means you have to rely on coffee. However, there are research-based evidences to prove that when you work out in the morning this helps you have an ample amount of energy so that you do not need to consume caffeine or rely on morning coffee.

Helps in Weight Loss

Since the fat-burning capacity of the morning run is much better than the evening run you will notice that you will lose weight much faster as compared to any other workout. Experts believe that even if you are into any other workout you still need to consider a few minutes of a morning run every day.

Good for Heart Health

Running is great cardio especially when you have a family history of cardiac issues you can rely on a simple daily run. This will help you bring down the overall chance of chronic illness to almost 50%.

Boosts Mental Health 

Mental health is one of the biggest issues that most people face in today’s era. According to a psychologist, just a 15-minute morning run is good enough to offer you direct sunlight exposure and a good amount of oxygen that can help you boost your mental health.

How Running Can Help You Save Money And Still Stay Fit?

People who have reported that they own a gym membership also report that they barely use their gym membership. In short, even if you are paying for the gym membership you might not have enough time to work out so it is much better to find an effective alternative that can help you save that money and still stay happy and healthy.

A simple run can help you break the shackles of going to a gym. With just half an hour of workout, you can work much better, burn more calories, and still maintain your fitness without going to the gym. So, technically running is offering you a free fitting service where you do not need any equipment or learn any new technique and you will be able to customize the intensity according to your need as well.

How to Customize Your Running Plan?

One of the main reasons people usually skip workouts is because they are not aware of the customization and technique. This is the reason people hire personal trainers. However, when you opt for running, you will not need a personal trainer because running is so far the easiest workout. If you look at the three factors that can help you customize your run, you will be able to easily change the running pattern according to your need. You just have to change the speed, time, and distance of your run and this will eventually help you run better.

For the ideal morning run, your pace needs to be medium while your workout time should be more than 30 minutes. This will help you burn much more fat and the results will be better as well. However, there are research-based studies that report just 15 minutes of running is good enough to keep you fit. However, if you are aiming to boost your metabolism, lose weight and get some muscles, you need to push your running time to more than 30 minutes per day.

 Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the way you work out and how much effort you put into the workout. Even if you choose a few minutes of workout, you still need to make sure that the workout is consistent and that you are not skipping your workout. This will help you also in terms of weight loss and mental health boost because you will be making consistent improvement.



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