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Mosaic Software vs BQE Software: Project Manager of the Year  

There are different software options for users looking for project management. Every software offers unique features to simplify specific aspects of projects. Mosaic and BQE Core are two options available for users looking for tools with reporting and time-tracking capabilities. This article will share details about Mosaic software vs BQE software so you can compare their features. Moreover, it will share the pricing details, demos, and reviews of Mosaic and BQE.  

Mosaic is project management software powered by artificial intelligence. The web-based platform is brimming with features that boost productivity and profitability. It allows for connecting and syncing with third-party project and finance management programs. Jira, Zapier, Slack, Deltek, Outlook, and Quickbooks are among these programs. The application collects information from users and updates the project’s progress. Managers check progress and see what everyone is up to. 

BQE Core is an artificial intelligence-powered tool that evaluates every facet of a business. It tracks earned value, cash flow, work costs, project margins, client profitability, and more. Users access critical data on all devices from almost any place. Users create automatic bills for clients, estimate projects, develop and distribute reports, and track the success of their employees. BQE Core also integrates with Google Drive, MYOB AccountRight, QuickBooks, and Amazon, to name a few 

Mosaic Software 

There are some key features of Mosaic Software.

Key Features 

Artificial Intelligence 

You can use AI to see each employee’s specific capabilities and deadlines. You can get task-based staffing recommendations. View AI recruiting suggestions from a list of potential prospects. 

Prediction Capabilities  

You can predict profit and productivity consequences using unique AI forecasting. You can predict billing, workload, and income using prior project results and other data points acquired. 

Improved Decision Making  

Mosaic uses analytical measurements and key performance indicators to illustrate the project’s possibilities. The dashboard has a simple interface, allowing busy managers to see all vital data immediately. The AI tool helps in decision-making by giving important ideas or recommendations for the project’s success. 


It gives you access to quick and detailed interpretations of budget, productivity, revenue, workload, and personnel data. You can use collected data to enhance future feedback. 

Mosaic Pricing 

Mosaic offers three pricing tiers to users. The cost of the professional plan is $9.99 per user/per month. Business Plan costs $14.99 per user/per month. You can get a customized quote for Mosaic’s enterprise-level pricing. The Enterprise plan lets you scale Mosaic’s features across the company.  

Mosaic Demo 

You can watch the Mosaic software in action to understand how its features will be helpful for your work. You can schedule a Mosaic demo by contacting their sales team. 

Mosaic Reviews 

Mosaic reviews show that it is a dependable resource management solution. If the system slows down, the default features do not work either. The Mosaic software is rated 4.5/5 on Capterra.  

BQE Core Software 

Key Features 


It should not be necessary to go from program to software to have an overview of the information. The dashboard functionality allows you to manage several projects from the same platform. You can construct dashboards for each project and personalize them for each project. 

Furthermore, dashboards be shared with users to maintain an accountability mechanism within the team. The dashboards refresh information in real time. They ensure that the most up-to-date information is available to make any decisions, modifications, etc. 

Time Tracking  

You can record all the minute data, such as project hours, overhead, and time off. The timecard function assists you in streamlining critical processes such as payroll and invoicing. Similarly, you do not have to manually enter all the data because you import your timesheets into the program. You can submit data using the web or mobile app even when you do not have an internet connection.  


The BQE Core software is free to integrate with many APIs. You import and manage your files using tools such as Dropbox, One Drive, and Google Drive. In fact, you access the BQE Core Marketplace, which has a wide choice of partner apps that allow you to tailor the platform to your firm’s needs. 

Time Recording Tool 

Users record their time more quickly and efficiently by using simple timers and timesheets. Users easily switch between different timings. This feature is designed to be mobile-friendly, allowing users to track and record time from any device. 


The report supplement gives users detailed insights into their company’s financial and operational conditions. Users create and distribute reports as PDFs, Word documents, or Excel files with the automated sharing component. 

BQE Core Pricing  

The cost of the BQE Core software is not provided on the vendor’s profile. You can get a customized quote from BQE Core’s sales team.  

BQE Core Demo  

Watching a BQE Core demo will help you see the software from various angles. It will help you check out its features and capabilities before you purchase a BQE Core subscription.  

BQE Core Reviews  

BQE Core is rated 4.5/5 on Software Finder and 4.4/5 on G2. Users appreciate that the timesheets are easy to use. They also like that you can add notes to allocated time and check them later. Some users think that it can be challenging to adjust the time if you have made a wrong entry.  

Final Remarks 

Mosaic software has extensive management features. It can create reports that can be loaded into running projects. It also includes accurate sheets for gathering time and resource data. 

Meanwhile, BQE Core software offers resource management and task delegation. You can use it to track and record time allocations and budgets. You can also use it to manage expenses with detailed tools for capturing and managing data.  

Before making a final selection, you should see their individual demonstrations to grasp their capabilities. You should also think about how their features will work with your company. The final choice comes down to the users’ own preferences. 



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