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How to Promote the Production of Collagen with Exercise for Youthful Skin?

When it comes to beauty, most people define beauty not by the shape of your body but by the quality of your skin, even people who are plus size or who are out of shape are considered very beautiful when they have flawless, radiant, and glowing skin. So far if you see one of the most searched beauty-based queries on Google, you will come across a lot of anti-aging techniques and exercises. Experts believe that even after so much advancement in the field of science, we are still not able to figure out why we age and how we can stop aging. However, there are a few ways you can reduce the speed of aging.

If you are thinking about some anti-aging procedure it can range from simple methods like diet fixing, and exercise to extreme measures like opting for surgery and getting implants and fillers. Where the surgery will offer you quick and easy results, you will notice that in the long run, this will impact your health. Moreover, if the surgery goes wrong there is no way you can reverse anything. Similarly, for the fillers of any cosmetic surgery, you will notice that after a certain time, the fillers will dissolve and you will have to get it renewed.

With the help of this article, we will look at some of the important factors that impact skin aging. We will then look at the benefits and purpose of collagen and finally, we will look at some ways you will be able to regain the collagen.

What Is Collagen And Why You Need It In Your Body?

Cologne is the protein that is present in your body. It is a soft jelly-like structure that is present in the tendons, fats, and ligaments. It helps in keeping your bones attached to your muscles and also works as a lubrication between the joints. Collagen is also present in the skin cells and it keeps them flexible, tight, and youthful. With a high collagen level, you will notice that your body responds to the movement very differently. Each muscle movement becomes effortless and your bones will become much stronger as well. The best thing about collagen is that its production is based on its presence. So if you have more collagen in your body this will promote the production of collagen and as the level drops it will start to deplete at a high rate. This is the reason you need to take special care of the collagen level in your body.

Easy Exercise That Can Help You Promote Collagen

Go For a Morning Run

Running is an excellent way of improving your blood flow, getting rid of fat, and keeping your bones healthy. This improves bone density, boosts collagen production, and also helps you make your move effortless.


Yoga is an excellent way to help you improve collagen production because it is not only good for muscle strength and bone density but when you work out in bright sunlight you will boost collagen production as sunlight contains red light as well.


Mediation helps in improving respiration and body control which will eventually help you in boosting collagen production. Moreover, it will improve the level of oxygen in your body so you will develop strength.

Head Stand

A headstand is going to help you with blood flow regulation and you will notice that your skin texture will improve with the help of a headstand. Experts believe that the headstand supports the overall blood flow and oxygen level which offer a boost to the collagen level as well.


Swimming is a full-body workout and it is great cardio as well. There is so much research-based evidence to prove that swimming helps in boosting the level of elastin and collagen in your body, supporting and strengthening your bones and muscles.

However, no matter how hard you exercise or what kind of exercise you choose, you need to keep in mind that diet will work as the fuel of your exercise. If your diet is not rich in collagen you will not be able to get the basic building blocks that will boost the natural production of collagen in your body.

Collagen-Rich Food That You Must Eat On Daily Basis

Since collagen is an animal-based protein you will mainly find it in animal-based food. However, some of the plant-based food items also have a good amount of collagen so you will notice a boost in the level of collagen production in your body. Here is a list of some collagen-rich food items to try:

Bone broth is a very rich source of collagen mainly because you are eating tendons, muscles, and bone structure.

·         Chicken is considered a very good source of collagen as well

·         Seafood especially fish and shellfish are rich in collagen

·         The white part of the egg is filled with collagen

·         Vitamin C-based food items socially citrus fruits

·         Garlic is another rich source of collagen

·         You can also get collage from berries and tropical fruits.

·         Aloe Vera is also a very good source of collagen

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, exercise can help because as you work out and the blood flow becomes better you will realize that this is not just limited to healing the old scars and regenerating the damaged skin cells but also will help you improve the skin texture. Another very important thing you will notice is skin tightness because collagen helps in reducing saggy skin and helping you get flawless skin. Regardless of all these things, you have to keep in mind that you can only boost the production of collagen if your diet is good. If you are not eating collagen-rich food, the production and use of collagen will not be good enough and this will eventually make you age faster. There are so many companies offering over-the-counter collagen supplements as well. These supplements are an easy and natural way of reversing the aging procedure.



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