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Ranking 10 Best 2D Sonic Games, Ranked

Even though they are old and don’t look as good as they used to, these 2D Sonic games are still great.

Since 3D graphics were added to platforms, Sonic the Hedgehog has given fans a very mixed bag of game experiences. Even though there have been some gems and some underrated games in that time, it’s hard to argue that most of the Blue Blur’s best work hasn’t been in 2D.

There’s a lot to like about Sonic’s side-scrolling adventures, from the memorable level designs to the legendary catchy music to the new way these games changed how games were played. But even though there may be a big difference between the worst titles and the best, it’s much harder to figure out which of the better titles is the best.

Sonic Chaos

Sonic the Hedgehog games for the Game Gear don’t get a lot of love, and that’s not totally unfair. However, Sonic Chaos is a pretty fun and original handheld game that doesn’t get enough praise.

This game doesn’t add much new to the series (although the rocket shoes were kind of cool), but it does a great job of bringing Blue Blur to the handheld world, with solid, if simple, level design and an overall experience that is easily better than all of its Game Gear siblings.

Sonic The Hedgehog

The first Sonic the Hedgehog game still holds up well, and it would probably be even more highly regarded than it is now if its sequels hadn’t come along and done everything it did a little bit (or a lot) better.

The most amazing thing about the first Sonic game was that it really gave Super Mario Bros. a run for the title of best platformer.Mario was by far the most popular platforming game at the time, and it had been for the past six years. When Sonic came in, everything changed for a moment.

Sonic Advance

For people who grew up during the platform wars, the first Nintendo Sonic the Hedgehog game was a strange thing to do. It was like Sega was giving up and raising the white flag. Those who worked for Sega and had been fighting Nintendo for years must have felt like their ex was leaving with the school bully. The game itself, on the other hand, was a small win for Sega.

Sonic Advance was the first time people with a Game Boy Advance could play a fast-paced Sonic game. It had a nice new look, great graphics, and more ways to play because there were more characters to choose from.

Sonic Advance 3

The third Sonic game for the Game Boy Advance was a big step forward because it added a friend system that let players choose two characters to help them stop Dr. Eggman once again. As is the case with many big changes in updates to video games, some people thought this change was a breath of fresh air while others thought it was strange.

Overall, Sonic Advance 3 is a fun adventure game that has a lot of the classic Sonic fun. Fans who don’t like the buddy system may drop its score, but that shouldn’t move a good platformer with some unique boss battles too far down the all-time list.

Sonic Advance 2

Sonic Advance 2 didn’t take the Game Boy Advance Sonic series to new heights like Sonic the Hedgehog 2 did for the Sega Genesis Sonic series, but it did improve on the original recipe and make it even better, while still keeping the same feel.

One thing about this game that has made players disagree is how hard it is. Some people think that the more difficult Sonic levels are one of the series’ best parts, but a few reviewers thought it was one of Sonic Advance 2’s worst. But that probably won’t stop this game from moving up in the 2D Sonic rankings, and it’s not nearly enough to send it plummeting.

Sonic & Knuckles

Sonic & Knuckles was not only one of the best platform games for the Sega Genesis or any other console at the time, but it also gave fans one of the most unique innovations of the cartridge era: an adapter built into the game that let players choose Knuckles as their character in both Sonic 2 and Sonic 3.

Another important thing that came with this entry is Knuckles. Since the game came out in 1994, Sonic’s new friend has become as important as any other character in the game. A lot of kids in the 1990s learned that there was an animal called an echidna from him.

Sonic The Hedgehog 3

Some fans might be disappointed that Sonic 3 didn’t hit or even beat the high points that Sonic 2 brought the series to, but that’s not really a fair way to look at a game that is otherwise great.

At the time Sonic 3 came out, many critics thought it was even better than its predecessor. Some of them based this on the fact that Sonic 3 put more focus on exploring. Even though Sonic 2 is more popular now, some fans might change their minds if they played this amazing game again.

Sonic Mania

The current gaming world is very interesting. If you could send a message back to the early 1990s and tell kids all over the world that one day. Fangames would be real and making them could get you a job making the next Penalty Kick Online game, who knows what kind of chaos would happen?

After a long line of 3D Sonic games that most fans didn’t like. Sonic Mania came along to tell them why they loved the Blue Blur in the first place. It’s a famous ride through the scary world of 2D Sonic that can now compete with almost every other game.

Sonic CD

Some people think that Sonic CD is the best 2D Sonic game ever made. But there are still a lot of people who have never even seen a Sega CD. Let alone played one of the few games that people still talk about.

Due to the success of collections of old games, the Sonic Origins collection gives fans a chance to try out this great but rarely played Sonic game. When they do, they’ll see that the hype was real. And there aren’t many other 2D Sonic games that can compete with it.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Sometimes people argue so much about which book in a famous series is the best that it gets nasty. And sometimes almost everyone agrees. When it comes to Sonic the Hedgehog, things fit better into the second group.

This game took a good first entry that had a lot of promise and made the most of it in every way. It had better level design, graphics, controls, and music, and it changed the original recipe just enough to feel new. This one took an already great game to a whole new level and made the series famous. It’s the best platforming ever.



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