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Save Yourself from Being Trapped into an Assignment Help Scam

Recent evidence from various sources has brought to light instances of online assignment help scams. As the number of writing services increase, choosing a legit one has become quite tough for students. If you connect with a fraudulent service, you may be cheated by online writers. Such a service does not deliver what students ask and robs them of their money. Moreover, as students are bound by tight deadlines, it becomes difficult to ascertain the legitimacy of a service. 

Consider yourself lucky if you have not yet encountered fraud or scam assignment writing services. But it is also essential to know the major indicators of an untrustworthy service. In this post, we will share ways by which you can detect the scam and tips on contacting a legitimate service.

Ways to Recognize a Scam Assignment Help Service 

There are various indicators of a scam service. Here is what to watch out for:

Too high or low price 

Checking the price of the service is crucial. Although these services are meant to be affordable as they are for students, if the prices are too low, it may point to something being fishy. A good online assignment help has qualified writers who extensively research from various sources to prepare a 100 percent original work. Such a service never has extremely low prices. On the other hand, too high cost of the service can also indicate a scam. Probably, the service is only after your money. 

Below-average quality papers 

Students hire an academic help expert to get assistance with their coursework. A reliable service has teams of subject matter experts who provide exceptional quality work. But if you find sub-par papers, it surely is an indicator of the credibility of the service. It means that the service does not have qualified writers.

No delivery of work

Stressed and tired students seek online assignment help to get assistance on time. But if you connect with a fraudulent service, you will never get the final work on time. This will make you miss your submission deadline. So, if this happens to you, know that you have been fooled by a fake service.

Plagiarized work

A glaring indicator of an online assignment scam is plagiarized work. The professionals of such a service won’t give you a plagiarism report of their work. If you insist, they might attach a fake report. On submitting such work, you will never get good grades. So, always ensure that the professionals give you a valid plagiarism report of their work.

No contact information 

A website is running a scam if you cannot find its contact information anywhere. You will not notice an address, anyone’s email address, phone number, or customer support contact numbers. These are red flags. You should surely not ignore them.

If a service is really trustworthy, it will communicate valid information about itself. They will also provide you with ways to get in touch via different channels.

Quick Tips to Determine the Legitimacy of Assignment Help Services

Follow these simple tips to easily connect with a trustworthy academic help service.

  • Ask for sample work – Before choosing a service, request some sample work. It will help you understand the proficiency of the writers. Thus, you get a better idea of whether they can deliver your paper as per your needs. 
  • Check student reviews – It’s best to check student reviews from trustworthy review websites. They give honest reviews from real customers and not fake people. By going through reviews, you will find out if the service is delivering on its promise. 
  • Check the pricing – A trustworthy service has reliable pricing. The prices aren’t too high. Nor are they too low. A good online assignment help will give you a full breakdown of the costs so that you know exactly where you are spending your money. 
  • Review the writers’ credentials – A good service never hesitates to showcase the qualifications and experience of its writers. So, always ask about the qualifications of the writer that the service assigns to you. 

Summing up

Hopefully, now you have all the information you need to not be a part of an academic help scam. Although assignment help services are very useful, you must pick one that is legitimate and delivers what they promise. Only then will you be able to get the most value out of your money?



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