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Signs your downpipes need cleaning: How to spot potential issues

Gutters are a very essential part of your home’s defences. If the gutter fails because they are old and have not been cleaned for a while, you can end up with big problems which could damage your home. It leads to the toxic growth of mould, and it will also start damaging your home’s foundation.

Many homeowners do not consider cleaning the gutters as it is unpleasant. However, professional gutter repair and cleaning is a very affordable way of ensuring that the gutters are working the way they should.

Following are the signs that your downpipes need cleaning-

1. Bulging gutters and downspouts.

If you can spot bulges in gutters in a downspout, there is a clog which needs to be cleaned out. There is a possibility that the bulge could be causing the clog, or it could be backing up water. It can even snow at times. In any case, the bulge is seriously stressing the gutter and clogging the system.

The gutter will crack or even break from the excess pressure of the clog. Anytime you come across a clog, you should call a professional immediately.

2. Water in the walls.

If you start to notice the wet spots on the walls in your homes or you even come across a trickle of water running down a wall, call for gutter cleaning. By the time you can see the water on your walls or see the water stains, there is quite a bit of water leaking into the structure of your home.

3. Plant growing in your gutters.

You may tell there is garbage inside your gutters if you can see little green shoots or plants emerging from the seamless gutters. 

You should call the gutter cleaning professionals who can remove those plants. They get the plants out by using a gutter vacuum to make those plants come out of the gutter. They can also install a leaf guard to ensure the leaves and other vegetation can land inside your gutters.

4. A waterfall.

If you come across your downspouts spraying out a waterfall every time it rains, you might need a downspout extension. A waterfall means a clog in the downspout, and the water is getting pushed from the crack in the gutter. 

5. Animals.

If you can come across animals running on your roof or near the gutters, you need professional gutter cleaning to get rid of the vegetation and other debris which the animals are using as food. A roof cleaning helps one get rid of the animals by getting rid of the things they need to survive. 

A professional gutter cleaning makes sure that there are gutter guards or a gutter helmet installed so that one does not end up needing a full brand new gutter installation for keeping those critters out of your gutters.

Many individuals avail of the services of Downpipe cleaning services in Melbourne 

If you have been putting off gutter cleaning because it is a difficult job, you should avail of the services of professionals who are experts in this field.

These licensed professionals will be able to assess the condition of your guttering, such as installing leaf guards, which will help your gutters stay clean.

The technicians help you choose the best new gutters for your home, and it will last for decades so that your home will be protected and you not have to worry about water damage and other such problems which can be caused by cracked or leaking gutters.

Why is cleaning the gutter important?

The gutter’s purpose is to funnel the water off the roof. Thus, as the roof collects leaves and other debris, the wind will drive this debris into the gutter, where it collects and builds up. Over time, this blockage has the capacity to reduce the overall speed of the water draining from the roof. It also causes the water to seep into your roof or the walls of your house.

Water stagnation can cause the insects, mosquitoes and all the unwanted plants to breed and grow inside your gutter.

One often might not realize it, but the gutter of your roof plays a very pivotal role in protecting your house from all kinds of leaks, damages and fire risks. Hence, it is worth keeping them clear and well-maintained all the time.

If the roof gets severely damaged, the roof may require extensive repairs. Professional services are the most affordable solution for preventing this damage.

How can one know if the downpipe is blocked?

Sometimes, people do not notice that their roof gutters as well as the downpipes are blocked until the roof starts flooding with water. The blockage also causes stress on other drains, and it leads to an overflow and leakage around the house.

Following are some signs of a roof gutter blockage-

1. Accumulated debris which litter your roof.

The leaf gutter, twigs, and vegetation builds in your gutter over time.

2. Pests.

Buildup of litter can encourage birds and mites to nest in your gutter, and it is very important to take a look at the wasp’s nest or mosquitoes which hover above the stagnant water. All the other pests build a home in the roof gutter, and these pests include mice, snakes and rats.

3. Water flow.

You may tell there is garbage inside your gutters if you can see little green shoots or plants emerging from the seamless gutters. 

4. Leaks.

If the water leaks into your home, it will leave a large amount of puddle marks on your ceilings.

5. Corrosion.

The water and excessive moisture will corrode your gutter, and gutters, which are clogged with the leaf matter, encourage rust to develop as they tend to decompose.

6. Rot.

Moisture, with a little bit of sunlight, promotes mildew growth, and it can cause the wood of the roof to rot. 

Hence, it is important to keep on checking the gutters for waste.



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