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Six reasons why solar energy has a bright future

Solar energy never runs out and you don’t need large windmills or power plants for it. However, there is a disadvantage: it therefore takes a long time to earn back the cost of a solar cell. Many private projects therefore often (partly) rely on government subsidies. Still, solar energy is the future, say Solar energy in Pakistan

The Solar energy in Pakistan has listed why we are on the verge of the big breakthrough of solar energy. These are the main reasons:

1. Solar cell manufacturers are developing

Where solar cell manufacturers used to focus on a small segment of the market, they now serve a broader segment. As a result, the companies are less sensitive to changes in energy policy, for example if a subsidy is abolished.

2. Still a lot of growth possible worldwide

Internationally, the market for solar energy is still growing very fast. Last year, a total of 59 gigawatts of solar energy was generated worldwide, this year it is estimated to be 65 gigawatts. A lot of growth is still possible, especially in emerging economies such as China and India. There is also a lot of room for growth in the Middle East. Furthermore, more than a billion people in third world countries have no electricity at all. Solar panels, provided they can be produced cheaply, would be a godsend to power them. It is not necessary to install a complete electricity network with high-voltage cables. With a solar panel you can generate electricity where you need it.

3. Solar cells are robust and reliable

On average, manufacturers give 25 to 30 years warranty on solar panels . In practice it appears that the panels last much longer. Pioneers from the 1970s still generate electricity with the solar cells of the time. The inverters, the devices needed to connect solar panels to the mains, also prove to be very reliable.

4. Solar cells are cheaper than fossil fuels

According to the Solar companies in Pakistan, solar cells are cheaper to generate electricity than coal or gas. This involves large-scale electricity production. Private solar panels are still relatively expensive, but they do have the advantage of not having to pay for transport.   

5. Solar panels will become even cheaper

Due to larger-scale production, improved production techniques and more efficient installation, the prices of solar cells will fall. Canadian Solar, one of the largest solar cell manufacturers in the world, expects prices to drop by a quarter over the next three years. Greentech Media, an agency that publishes about sustainable energy, expects prices to fall by 40 percent in 2020.

6. Coal-fired power stations are being closed

Many countries have planned to close coal-fired power stations in order to reduce CO2 emissions. Coal-fired power stations are also being phased out in the Netherlands . The associated loss of capacity will have to be compensated. Solar energy would be a sustainable alternative to coal-fired power plants.

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