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Top 10 Steam Turbine Manufacturers in USA

Everywhere in the globe, steam turbines are used to propel ships, airplanes, and missiles as well as to power generators and generate electricity. They move heat energy in the form of evaporating water by applying pressure to rotating blades. Steam turbines are among the most difficult things to design and build, with millimeter-level improvements made by engineers. Only a few locations in the globe produce large steam turbines. The top American producers of steam turbines are listed in this article.

Bradken, Inc:

The iron and steel parts and machinery that Bradken, a multinational metal casting, and foundry company, specializes in are made to order. The biggest mining businesses in the world receive bespoke goods from this company, including ground-engaging tools (GET), crawler shoes, mill liners, crusher liners, wear solutions, and monitoring systems. Additionally, with casting capacities ranging from 500 grams to more than 25 tons, they provide specialist structural and industrial casting services in a variety of alloys. Bradken has sales and service teams, as well as foundries and workshops, all over the world. They have approximately 3,000 workers across 20 production facilities and 40 sales and service locations in Australia, the United States, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Canada, Malaysia, South Africa, China, and South America. Additionally, they manufacture customized turbines, such as steam turbines.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc.:

The MU-2 and MU-300 are supported by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc. at Intercontinental Jet Service Corp., a long-time authorized Mitsubishi Service Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Furthermore, one of the most reputable providers to converters in North and Central America is Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America Corrugating Machinery Division, which offers cutting edge equipment systems, sales, parts, technical, and field support to the expanding, dynamic packaging industry. With the ability to catch and hold up to 90% of CO2 emissions, its post-combustion capture systems put industrial and power facilities at the forefront of the adoption of green technology. It’s how they make a difference in the world.

Since its establishment in the country in 1991, the Tire Machinery Division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc. (MHIA) has been producing and assembling machinery for the tire industry in Northeast Ohio. To offer the tire industry a wide choice of top-notch designs, engineering, and machinery, MHIA works in conjunction with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (Japan) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Technology Corporation. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc.’s Transportation Systems Division is in charge of the design, development, supply, engineering, marketing, and installation of cutting-edge transit systems for the international market.

Industrial Boilers America:

As one of the top boiler producers in the country, Industrial Boilers America is paving the way toward zero waste by offering top-notch boiler and power plant components that empower its customers to make a greater impact on the communities and governments they serve. Industrial Boilers America is a pioneer in the development, granting of permits for, and deployment of industrial power plants, as well as all associated hardware. They work together with other civic and governmental leaders to create enduring connections that result in sustainable energy, employment, and social responsibility. They are able to provide services that enable their partners to reinvest in themselves, resulting in a sustainable community, thanks to their conviction that sustainability should be centered on improving the environment rather than profit.

ICM, Inc:

ICM, Inc. is a business that produces and maintains industrial technologies and equipment. The company offers services related to gasification technology as well as rotary and steam tube dryers, turbines, bio-methanation, ethanol recovery, base trochanters, and oil separation systems, and bio-methanation. With an unmatched excitement and devotion to the global biofuels business in an effort to sustain agriculture via innovation, the employees of ICM have elevated the company to the position of the industry leader in engineering, developing, and maintaining ethanol facilities around the globe.

Faircast Inc:

Faircast, Inc. is a Foundries company with headquarters in Fairfield, Louisiana, in the United States. The top gray iron and ductile iron casting foundry in the Midwest will soon be Faircast, Inc. With numerous molding lines and a dedicated team, they are able to satisfy the majority of your ductile iron casting requirements. Additionally, they manufacture customized steam turbines, turbine parts, and castings using DISAMATIC molding processes. At Faircast, Inc., roto lift and squeezer stations are provided.

Fincantieri Marine Systems North America, Inc:

A subsidiary of the Italian Fincantieri Group with headquarters in the United States is Fincantieri Marine Systems North America, Inc. (FMS). For domestic security and business needs, FMSNA offers goods and services to the Department of Defense. In addition to providing advanced turnkey solutions that are perfectly suited to the demands of the client, FMSNA can also offer crucial logistical and after-sales assistance. FMSNA ensures that its clients receive the highest quality and “best value” by skillfully integrating propulsion and equipment systems with a ship’s hull form. Instead of only selling hardware, FMSNA adds value by offering a fully integrated package because they are system engineers.

Siemens Corporation:

With a focus on digitization, automation, and electrification for the process and manufacturing industries, Siemens is a world leader in power generation and distribution, intelligent infrastructure, and distributed energy systems. For more than 160 years, the company has created technology that supports a range of American businesses, including manufacturing, energy, healthcare, and infrastructure. In fiscal 2020, Siemens Group USA generated $17 billion in revenue and employed nearly 40,000 people to serve clients in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

General Electric Co:

A multinational business with its main office in Boston, Massachusetts, General Electric Company (GE) was initially established in New York State. Prior to 2021, the company operated in a number of industries, including those related to aviation, power, renewable energy, the digital industry, locomotives, weapons manufacturing, venture capital, and finance. However, it has since divested from a number of these areas, with the first four now making up the majority of the company’s operations.

GE ranked as the 33rd largest corporation in the US by gross revenue in 2020, per the Fortune 500. In 2011, GE ranked as the 14th most profitable firm on the Fortune 20 list. Since then, however, the company’s profitability has substantially decreased and it has lagged the market by almost 75%. Irving Langmuir (1932) and Ivar Giaever are two GE employees who received the Nobel Prize (1932). (1973).

On November 9, 2021, the corporation declared its intention to divide into three public companies. The focus of the new enterprises will be on healthcare, aviation, and energy (renewable energy, power, and digital). The first spinoff for the healthcare segment is slated for 2023, and the spinoff for the energy division is slated for 2024.

LAI East/Laser Applications, Inc., Div. of LAI International, Inc.:

Future-proof manufacturing technologies are still being developed today by LAI International. Thanks to the advent of the Q20 EBM in 2015 and the M400-4 Laser in 2018, LAI is the ideal partner for the additive manufacture of high-tech components for the aerospace, energy, and industrial sectors and is considered as the leading supplier of highly-engineered, mission-critical components.

From its early days as a local contract manufacturer to its present status as a global leader in the development of advanced manufacturing technology, LAI International has advanced. The management team has steered the success and growth of the firm with a vision to give superior service and deliver great quality in the company’s tradition of innovation.

Barber-Nichols, Inc:

The headquarters of Barber-Nichols (BN) is located in Arvada, Colorado, a suburb of Denver. In 1966, Ken Nichols and Bob Barber founded the business. BN’s turbo machinery products include compressors, fans, pumps, turbines, generators, motors, and controllers. These products are used in aerospace, cryogenic, defense, and energy applications. BN provides contract manufacturing and engineering consulting in addition to specialized hardware.

Buy Equipment or Ask for a Service:

WOC is a global aftermarket supplier of high-quality OEM and non-OEM replacement spare parts and services for General Electric heavy-duty, industrial gas turbines and steam turbines. Through our worldwide network, we are able to offer clients a wide range of products for the GE-designed MS3002, MS5002, MS5001, MS6001, MS7001, and MS9001 gas turbines. Our goal at Gas Turbine Parts & Services, Inc. is to offer owners and operators of these gas turbines an experienced, reliable, and competitive source for all of their gas turbine needs.

Our Mission is to provide you with the parts, repairs, and services you need when you need them. WOC is a full-service provider of heavy-duty & aero-derivative industrial steam turbine maintenance, including spare parts distribution, component repairs, and field services.

WOC holds a large inventory of New, Used, and Refurbished Capital Spares that are available for immediate shipment. More details and inspections of these parts can be provided and arranged upon request.

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