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The Benefits and Challenges of Green Building in Calgary

Back in 2004, Calgary wasn’t the same as today. Time brings changes and development. But, this city changed its future by implementing the most effective policies such as the sustainable buildings policy. The credit may go to the Municipal government for making it progressive as more than half of Calgary is implementing this. 

However, the idea of sustainable building practices mainly focuses on Green Buildings for the betterment of almost everything. The most known example can be a medical construction: Calgary’s Cancer Centre. You might be unaware of what Green Building is and how it affects you. Don’t worry, you will be knowing everything here. 

What is a Green Building?

Green Buildings are also known as sustainable buildings as this help bring improvement in many aspects prioritizing environmental harmony. When the environment is stable, the health of inhabitants falls in the right place too. Besides, it is structured with the most energy-efficient and environment-friendly materials and technology. Such as, green roofs, solar collectors, geo-exchange, and wind turbines enhancing the outlook and ensuring internal as well as external comfort and reliability. 

What are the Benefits of Green Building?

Calgary started with simple homes consisting of some windows, a burning stove made of wood, and doors. It has come a long way in practicing new and sustainable buildings as in Green Buildings projects. Experiencing many benefits, it has become preferable than other designs and structures. Guessing what kind of benefits it could be that make life convenient for people in Calgary? 

Cleaner and Smog-Free City

When the environment prevents forming smog, it results in cleanliness eventually. Thus, Green Buildings resist using plastic products and material that consists of hazardous volatile organic compounds. It releases such fumes that give birth to a hundred diseases. Moreover, Green Buildings prefer using renewable energy resources to build a better lifestyle by preventing pollution that jeopardizes the environment. 

Better Air Quality

Using clean material and resources that prevent fumes and pollution eventually result in better air quality. Besides, It does not only enhance the environment but also human health. That’s why most of the people in Calgary live healthy and happy life. 

Ideal Use of Water and Electricity

Water shortage and high electricity bills are problems that almost every other person faces worldwide. Calgary’s Green Buildings bring hope to that matter too. The High-quality engineer-designed technologies such as green roofs, wind turbines, and photovoltaic solar collectors ensure producing electricity through natural resources such as sunlight and wind. This way consumers’ electricity bills can be reduced. 

Moreover, as Green roofs are vegetated, they prove to be the best absorbers on stormy days and insulators too. This way buildings remain cool internally too. Besides, the use of special technologies does not prevent water contamination only. It saves water too by recycling and using other water sources such as rainwater.  

Improvements in Health

Once the environment becomes pollution free, the food that is grown and taken care of at farms also stays pure and healthy. Thus, reduced air pollution provides healthy oxygen to breathe, and pure foods prevent disease development in humans ensuring a healthy lifestyle. 

Challenges Associated With The Green Buildings

No doubt, you can count the benefits of Green Buildings at your fingertips. Yet, it brings several challenges and hurdles too. There’s a huge difference between planning and constructing one. Thus, the following are some of the common challenges that a Green building brings.

Costly Construction Material

Green Buildings are sustainable for consisting of the most effective, reliable, and high-quality materials and technologies. Constructing a Green building in comparison to a traditional building costs a handsome amount. It often goes out of budget for the owners and construction companies. Yet, long-term benefits can not be neglected. Thus, for Calgary, and the whole of Alberta, it has been possible with the help of financially supportive development organizations

Lack of Skilled Workers

The use and fixing of specially designed technologies demand some skilled workers. Thus, not being able to provide skilled workers for this task may result in financial loss as well as unsuccessful Green Buildings. To take on the Green building policy successfully, it is important to provide education about the technologies and processes relating to it. 

  • Permit Requirements for Building and Technology

The major hurdle in constructing a Green building in Calgary is waiting for the permit to construct and using energy-efficient and renewable resource technology. Thus, at the time, the Green Building plan is developed, constructors must fill out a form seeking permission from the government. 

Moreover, whether it is about using geo-exchange technology, solar collectors, wind turbines, or green roof technologies, trade, development, and building permits are mandatory accordingly. 


Green Buildings may look costly in the beginning. Yet, with time, when it shows positive outcomes and benefits, it seems to be cost-saving too. Thus, the Green Building policy has become an ideal plan for environmental and human development on a global level. To find out more about it, visit here to related post



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