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The Insider’s Guide to Salesforce PDI Platform Developer I Exam Preparation

The Salesforce PDI (Platform Developer I) certification is entry-level for developers with experience developing and deploying custom business logic and interfaces using the Salesforce platform. This certification validates a developer’s understanding of Salesforce development, including designing data models, creating custom user interfaces, developing business logic, and deploying custom applications. This article will provide an insider’s guide to Salesforce PDI exam preparation, including the topics covered in the exam, exam format, study resources, and exam-taking tips.

Topics Covered in the PDI Exam

The Salesforce PDI exam covers a wide range of topics related to Salesforce development. These topics are divided into four main categories as follows:

    Salesforce Fundamentals (10%)

This category covers the basics of the Salesforce platform, including the various Salesforce products, editions, and licenses. You should understand the Salesforce data model well, including objects, fields, and relationships. You should also know how to create, modify, and delete records using the Salesforce user interface and the Salesforce API.

    Data Modeling and Management (12%)

This category covers how to design and implement effective data models in Salesforce. You should understand the different types of data relationships, including one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many relationships. You should also know how to create custom objects, fields, and relationships in Salesforce, as well as how to import and export data.

    Process Automation and Logic (46%)

This category covers designing and implementing business logic in Salesforce using declarative tools such as Process Builder, Workflow Rules, and Approval Processes. You should also be able to write Apex triggers and classes to implement custom business logic and know how to test and deploy Apex code.

    User Interface (UI) (32%)

This category covers creating effective user interfaces in Salesforce using Visualforce and Lightning Web Components. You should understand how to create custom UI components, such as forms, lists, and pages, and how to use Apex controllers to retrieve and manipulate data.

Exam Format

The Salesforce PDI exam questions is a multiple-choice exam that consists of 60 questions. You have 105 minutes to complete the exam and must achieve a passing score of 65% or higher. The exam is administered online and can be taken anytime, anywhere, worldwide. The exam fee is USD 200, and you can retake the exam after a 15-day waiting period if you do not pass on your first attempt.

Study Resources

Several resources are available to help you prepare for the Salesforce PDI exam. These resources include official Salesforce documentation, online courses, practice exams, and study groups.

    Official Salesforce Documentation

Salesforce provides a vast library of documentation and resources on its website. The Salesforce Developer Documentation covers all the topics you need to know to pass the PDI exam. You should review the exam guide, which outlines the topics covered in the exam. Then, review the documentation on each topic to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and how to apply them in practice.

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    Online Courses

There are several online courses available that can help you prepare for the Salesforce PDI exam. These courses typically cover all the topics covered in the exam and provide hands-on exercises to help you gain practical experience. Some of the most popular courses include:

  • Salesforce Platform Developer I Certification Course on Udemy
  • Apex Academy on Trailhead
  • Apex Specialist Superbadge on Trailhead

    Practice Exams

Practice exams help you identify areas where you must focus your study efforts. Several websites offer practice exams for the Salesforce PDI exam, including:

    Study Groups

Joining a study group can be a great way to prepare for the Salesforce PDI exam. Study groups allow one to discuss exam topics with other developers, ask questions, and share tips and strategies. You can find study groups on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as on developer forums and online communities.

Exam-Taking Tips

    Read the exam questions carefully.

The Salesforce PDI exam questions can be complex and require careful reading to ensure that you understand what is being asked. Take your time to read each question carefully, and make sure you understand the requirements before selecting an answer.

    Manage your time

You have 105 minutes to complete the Salesforce PDI exam, which gives you just under 2 minutes per question. Make sure you manage your time effectively and have enough time to answer all the questions. If you get stuck on a question, don’t spend too much time on it. Mark it for review and move on to the next question. You can come back to the marked questions later if you have time.

    Practice, practice, practice

Practice is key to passing the Salesforce PDI exam. Take as many practice exams as possible to get a feel for the salesforce questions you will be asked and the time constraints you will face. This will help you feel more comfortable and confident when taking the exam.

    Use the Salesforce documentation.

The Salesforce documentation is an invaluable resource when preparing for the PDI exam. Ensure you are familiar with the documentation on all the exam topics and use it to help you answer the exam questions.


The Salesforce PDI certification is an excellent way to validate your Salesforce development skills and increase your career opportunities. To prepare for the exam, you must understand Salesforce fundamentals, data modeling and management, process automation and logic, and user interface development. Many resources are available to help you prepare for the exam, including official Salesforce documentation, online courses, practice exams, and study groups. Following the tips outlined in this article can increase your chances of passing the Salesforce PDI exam and achieving your certification.



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