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Top Snapchat Features You May Not Know About

The Altitude Overlay and Time/Date Overlay are two of the most notable new features on Snapchat, but there are several others that you may be unaware of. Among these, Context Cards and Smiley are also new features that you may want to explore. Here are some more highlights:

Altitude Overlay

If you’ve ever wondered how people get the altitude in their photos, Snapchat has a solution for you. With the altitude overlay, you can see how high you’re flying and how far you’ve come from sea level. This cool feature adds an entirely new level of realism to your snaps. You can take selfies while flying in an airplane, straddling the Burj Khalifa spire, or even climbing Mount K2.

The altimeter filter is now available to everyone in the general Snapchat app. This new feature will roll out in the next few days. Snapchat updates are generally rolled out over a few days, so check your account for updates soon. You can also use the altimeter filter when taking photos of shorelines. The filters also support snapping. If you want to snap a few different photos, you can do it with just one tap. A common question from new and existing users alike is “What does S mean on Snapchat?

Time/Date Overlay

When taking a photo or video on Snapchat, you might be wondering how you can add the time and date to the picture. While you used to have to use filters to do this, the new time/date overlay lets you add the time and date in the photo or video, and you can even add stickers to your photos and videos. You can move them anywhere in the photo or video, and then simply remove them afterward by lifting your finger.

One of the top Snapchat features is the Time/Date overlay. Having this overlay allows you to tell who is online and when you’re available to snap. It also gives you an easy way to quickly check who’s online and what’s missing in your life. If you want to share the same images or video with multiple people, you can do it from the chat screen. The chat screen also allows you to send cash, snaps, or Bitmoji stickers.


If you’re wondering why a smiley is one of Snapchat’s most popular features, the answer is simple: to show affection. By putting a smiley beside your friend’s name, you’ll show your friend that you think they’re the best. However, the smiley does not necessarily mean that you’re happy to be a mutual friend. It is an emoji used to show that you share a common interest or are your best friend.

Snapchat has a variety of emoticons, including a smiley. You can use them as emojis, as well as to indicate special occasions. There are also 7 different Bitmojis available to use. Just hold down a snap or message to send a Snapmoji, and your message will be tagged with a Smiley! You can even create polls on Snapchat, in stories or snaps, and see how many people voted for what.

Context Cards

In a recent update, Snapchat added a new feature to its app called Context Cards, which lets users see their friends’ actual locations. These cards also contain useful information such as reviews and links to make reservations or hail a taxi. The company says it will continue to add more partner options, such as Google Maps, in the future. Users can also share photos, videos, and more, depending on how they use the app.

The new feature makes Snapchat more useful to advertisers and will help increase brand awareness. Context Cards can display additional information for each image and can show detailed reviews, operating hours, ride-hailing options, and reservations. They can also show Snaps from nearby users. By integrating Context Cards into Snapchat, advertisers can reach a wider audience and drive ad spending. In addition to offering a wider range of information to users, advertisers can now create ad campaigns that are more effective than ever.

Magic eraser

With the recent update to Snapchat, you can now edit Snaps with new tools. The Magic Eraser is a great way to remove things from your Snaps. You can also paint over objects in your Snaps to remove them entirely. Once you do this, Snapchat will automatically Photoshop the object out of the picture. Instagram hasn’t yet added these tools. However, you can always ask questions regarding these new features.

If you make an error, you can easily undo your edits by using the pen tool and the memories. The new tool lets you Photoshop out unwanted parts of a snap by blurring out the surrounding area. The process is similar to that of Adobe Lightroom’s spot removal tool but simplified. You can even undo your editing in case you want to go back to the original image. For more informative articles stay connected with blogs.



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