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All is all you need to know about trekking in Kasol

Some people have an insatiable appetite for pine, and they love to hike on high mountains. God provided us with lush alpine, challenging routes, and mysterious lanes just waiting to be explored in Parvati Valley in Himachal to sate our wanderlust’s hunger. Many mountain enthusiasts have been captivated and seduced in the past by the stunning trekking in Kasol. They encounter a lot of trekkers every season as a result of their recent increase in popularity among young people.

The hikes close to Kasol entice tourists with their alluring scenery, comfort them with their tranquil surroundings, and humble them with their imposing presence. These treks include Malana, Chalal, Rasol, Buddhaban, Kheerganga, and Sar Pass. Treks in the Parvati Valley are an exhilarating experience and can last anything from a few hours to a few days.

Here are some of the best Trekking in kasol :


Grahan, at a height of 7700 feet, is a perfect weekend getaway from Chandigarh and New Delhi. You may camp in Garhan, which is 10 km from Kasol, and disconnect from the outside world there. The Parvati Valley’s ultimate destination, which boasts a picturesque campsite and friendly residents, is reached after a strenuous climb.

In comparison to Kasol and Tosh, Grahan is a quieter slide. Rest assured that there won’t be any total mobile network non-interference. There are no roads or ATMs! This community, which is renowned for its honey gatherers, offers wonderful times in the midst of nature.

 Length of this trek is 10 km and it takes

5 hours for trekking .

Dev Roopa trek

You have the opportunity to enjoy the location’s surreal beauty during this 7 days and 6 nights long Dev Roopa trek, in addition to having an incredible trekking experience.

Reach the Rumsu campground on the first day of the Dev Roopa trek, where you will meet your teammates and receive instructions for the trek’s routes from your team leader. You will depart for Malana Dam on the second day to begin your trek towards Behali.

On the third day, Mota grain finds the trip to be more alluring. The journey will head towards Bondi the following day. The highlight of the trip is the hike from Bondi to Dev Roopa; following the trek, you’ll need to get to Bondi, where you’ll take a bus to Dev Roopa.

Rasol :

You can reach Rasol, another quaint town in the Parvati Valley, after a 3–4 hour climb from Kasol. Chalal, which serves as the starting point for Rasol, is located 30 minutes from Kasol. Take in the surrounding greenery and enjoy the journey as you traverse the route lined with pine trees.

The trail, which is naturally steep, is among the toughest treks in the Himalayas. Rashol’s Temple of Jamadagni Rishi is a must-visit destination.

 It is a 8 kilometres long   trek and approximately 4.5 hours will be taken to complete the trek.


Parvati Pass trek

The trail is completely encircled by a luxuriant green forest and vast green valleys. One of the most captivating and difficult trekking routes in India is the Pin Parvati Pass trek, a different route to the Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh.

Manali has a variety of hiking opportunities, but the Pin Parvati walk, which takes hikers to a height of 17457 feet, is the best. This hike will transport you to heaven and prevent you from returning to your hectic city life.

Tosh Trek :

Tosh is a quiet community in the Parvati Valley, where nature thrives to its fullest potential. The Kasol to Tosh trip can be started from Barshaini, a picturesque hamlet that is a favourite among hikers and is situated between Kasol and Tosh, about 22 kilometres from Kasol. With streams and lush meadows all around, Tosh’s picturesque surroundings are well situated in the valley. Without a doubt, the Tosh trek is a must if you want to enjoy the incredible experience of hiking in Kasol!

Tosh, although having a sparse population, is teeming with tourists. You can count on finding delicious food and cosy lodging alternatives here.

The trek ‘s length is 7.5 kilometres  and the Time  we need to Spend for Trekking is 4-5 hours

Malana :

The stunning Malana village is located around 21 kilometres from Kasol and is well-known for obvious reasons, but it also provides so much more! The trekking track here is breathtaking, with snow-covered mountains and crystal-clear streams that are all peaceful and a sight for sore eyes.

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