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Five tips for an unforgettable honeymoon in Pigeon Forge

Weddings are mostly about the people around you since you celebrate your love with those closest to you. However, this is why your honeymoon needs to be just about you and your partner. It calls for a celebration when you finally start your journey with the love of your life as their legally wedded partner. What better way to cherish your union than to make memories in a glorious and breathtaking location like Pigeon Forge? 

You don’t have to be a local from Tennessee to enjoy all that Pigeon forge has to offer. If you’re a nature enthusiast and enjoy the smell, sights, and experience of being surrounded by wildlife, you’ll enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest. Therefore, as you begin your new married life, here’s how you can enjoy your honeymoon:

  1. Book the Right Cabin

Your honeymoon is incomplete if you don’t have suitable accommodations. A cozy and comfortable lodging will offer you everything you need to enjoy a romantic getaway. These include having a fully equipped kitchen, access to a modern fireplace, and cable tv for your night-time entertainment. In addition, you would also want amenities that can spice up the mood, like a fireplace and scented candles that can make the atmosphere more romantic. 

If you’re searching for some of the best places to stay Pigeon Forge offers a wide range of cabins that can cater to all your needs and ensure you start your honeymoon on the right foot. Choose from the various options available, especially for couples. If you’re looking for a quick recommendation, try the Pigeon Forge Mountain View honeymoon cabin unit in Candy Creek.

  1. Enjoy A Couple’s Spa Retreat

Pigeon Forge has many spas and resorts that can offer some of the finest services to help you and your partner relax. These resorts are surrounded by nature and wilderness, which adds to their aesthetics and entices you to check them out. A couple’s pampering session can help you develop a strong bond with your lover. 

The pampering session can fill you with serotonin and endorphins, adding charm to your love life. While you can avail of different packages, you should go for a deal that includes a deep tissue massage, a session with hot stones, and aromatherapy. For an additional price, you can also have champagne and chocolates as a part of your spa retreat and share these delicacies with your partner. 

  1. Be Close To The Sky

Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg have several skylights that operate all year round, apart from seasons when it’s snowing heavily. But when these rides are functional, they make for a terrific attraction. The Gatlinburg skylight has been a tourist favorite for over 60 years. This chair lift takes you from the downtown of Gatlinburg to the glorious peaks of Crockett Mountain. The smooth ride will startle you as it slowly rolls over breathtaking views and sights. You’ll also get a chance to glide over the Smoky mountains and look at the beautiful work of nature from an elevated level. 

The best time to use the skylight is around night. This is when you can enjoy traveling above the town near the Smokies when they’re twinkling under the stars. As a newlywed, this can be pretty romantic. Your honeymoon is the best time to receive affection from your partner and enjoy your newly found love by going on the skylift. But if you want thrill more than a comfortable ride through the mountains, you can zip line through the hills and take a tour of the scenery before you as you glide from one platform to the next. This makes for an exciting conversation starter with your partner and a great way to commemorate the start of your relationship. 

  1. Catch A Quick Show At Comedy Barrel

Laughing does wonders for your overall well-being. When you share a laugh with a loved one, it brings you closer to them and also makes for a unique memory. Therefore why not wind down for the day by going to a comedy routine and chuckling over the finest jokes Pigeon Forge has to share? Places like the Comedy Barrel attract many visitors. They follow a routine structure to showcase all the performances they have planned for the day. Apart from hearing great jokes, you’ll also witness several forms of entertaining acts, including singing, juggling, and even dancing. 

As soon as the curtain drops, you’ll be left with tears of happiness and even find yourself chuckling with your partner as you converse about the show you witnessed together. But that’s not all that you can do at the Comedy Barrel. You can also help yourself to food and refreshments served at this venue, including a sizzling piece of hot pie and warm apple cider. If you had a fall wedding, this is the ultimate autumn treat for you to enjoy. 

  1. Culminate Your Night With The Island

You cannot end your day without visiting The Island and splurging on the shopping centers there. The Island is an amusement park in Pigeon Forge filled with many fun activities you can enjoy with your partner. You can explore over sixty retail shops and enjoy live music that will have you dancing in no time. Moreover, you can end the day with delicious meals served by top-notch restaurants that can make for a romantic dinner. 

One of the most awestruck monuments is the dancing foundation set in the center stage that puts on a dazzling display, and you can’t help but applaud. You can also ride the 200-foot Ferris wheel that will take you to the top of the park and offer you a gorgeous view of your honeymoon destination. 

Final Thoughts

Weddings are joyous occasions celebrating the lifetime union of two people who deeply love each other. However, the festivities don’t end after you exchange your vows. Instead, your love story has just started. This is what makes honeymoons a pivotal part of weddings. It allows you to be with your partner and make new memories with them. Hence if you’re looking for an excellent honeymoon destination, why not check out the quaint town of Pigeon Forge? This nature’s bounty has everything you need, from romantic cabins and mesmerizing sights to delicious cuisines and adventure. 



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