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Uttari Betta: Complete guide


The Uttari Betta is a 5-kilometre hike through a spectacular lush green landscape with views of the Western Ghats. The trail begins in a small village, then enters the fort wall and passes through seven stone doors to reach the halfway point, which includes a Shankeshwar temple. The view from the temple’s spire is breathtaking enough to take your breath away. After passing through the temple, the trek continues through a small jungle cave and ends at the grassland top of the hill, surrounded by massive boulders.

What are our experts’ thoughts on the Uttari Betta Trek?

We set out at night intending to reach the summit before sunrise. The adventure begins in a small town. After a reasonable amount of time spent walking through the village in the dark, you will enter the fortification barricade and pass through seven stone entryways. The majority of the trail is shaky as it passes over boulders and steps carved into massive rocks. You will reach the midpoint of the climb after passing through these doors, which have a Shankeshwar temple at the top. 

The view from the temple’s apex is beautiful enough to keep your attention for a few moments. The path continues ahead after we pass through the sanctuary, passing through a small forest cavern, encountering an entirely different and unexpected world, and ending at the grassland on the hillock’s summit, surrounded by large stones and boulders.

We will witness the dazzling dawn from this vantage point, with only green grass, clear blue skies, and grey-coloured massive rocks to accompany us. Embrace this incredible moment for as long as you can because it will help you recall the supreme harmony you felt at that time later in nostalgia.

We indulged in the splendour of the beautiful dawn, with an enthralling blend of hues in the sky. Then we’ll start our descent back to base camp. While enthralled by the beauty of the slopes, proceed with caution.

Uttari Betta Trek Data Type: Trekking Rocky terrain


The total distance is about 7 kilometres (Both the ways)

Cost: Rs. 1300/- (per person)

The Uttari Betta Trek itinerary

09:00 Arrive at the bottom and start climbing.

11:30 Ascend to the summit and explore. Bring your lunch.

12:30 Start descending.

15:00 Arrive at the base village and begin your journey back.

The flight will arrive in Bangalore around 18:00.

What to Bring-

2/3 litre water bottle

Lunch on the trek

Trekking shoes improve trail grip and comfort. (Action trekking shoes are ideal.)

All of these items will need to be stored in a proper haversack.

A good torch requires extra batteries.

Sunglasses and sunscreen are required.

Dried fruits, snacks, and energy bars

Glucon D, ORS, Tang, and Gatorade sachets

Personal First Aid and Medicine Labeling

Please dress appropriately to protect yourself from the summer sun, thorns, insects, and prickles.

Uttari Betta Trekking Information-

The starting point is Kunigal in the Tumakura district of Karnataka.

Elevation of Uttari Betta Trek Easy to Moderate Uttari Betta is a rocky uphill trail with some rising and falling sections.

The trek to Uttari Betta takes about 2 to 3 hours.

Uttari Betta is 5 kilometres away by foot (up and down)

Food and water – Bring at least 2 litres of water with you before beginning the trek. Please bring some snacks with you to keep you going on the hike.

The best months to visit Uttari Betta are, The Betta is breathtaking all year. The best months are July to February when one can see the lush greenery and walk among the clouds during the monsoons. During the day, the atmosphere is charming and relaxing.

Best time to visit

The best months to visit Uttari Betta are, but the Betta is beautiful all year. The best months are July to February when one can see the lush greenery and walk among the clouds during the monsoons. During the winter, the atmosphere is charming. The Uttari Betta sunrise trek is popular during the summer months because of the beautiful cloud formations and to avoid the intense summer sun during the day.

Uttari Betta is 75 kilometres away from Bangalore. Uttari Betta is located near Kunigal on the Bengaluru-Mangalore National Highway India – NH48, about 7 kilometres from the Kunigal-Magadi state highway S.H. 94 and 10 kilometres from the Anchepalya industrial area.

Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore. You can easily take a bus or taxi from Bangalore to the base camp of the Uttari Betta trekking trail.

The Uttari Betta trek is a 5-kilometre journey to a breathtaking green scene that has mysteriously vanished in the city area. The journey to Uttari Betta begins in a small town that opens up to fortress dividers and then experiences seven stone entryways to arrive at the midpoint of the journey, which houses the sanctuary of Shankheshwar at the pinnacle.



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