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What is the Best Advice to Consider with Paying Credit Card Bills?

Credit cards are preferred by people who value time, convenience and financial planning. They help you pay for anything, anytime, without thinking about cash in your wallet. Credit cards also help you avoid the surcharge on fuel purchases. However, paying credit card bills on time is equally important.

Paying credit card bills requires financial planning. And it is best to go with the advice of experts. If you are required to make credit card payments every month, it is advisable to come up with a favourable repayment plan that safeguards your credit score. 

Almost everyone finds ways to pay credit card bills easily and on time. The more adept you get at paying your monthly bills, the better positioned you are for financial management. So let’s consider the best advice for paying credit card bills.

Best advice for paying credit card bills

Pay your bill early enough or on time

Paying your credit card bill before the due date – or punctually on its due date – is the best way to go. You have a monthly billing cycle, and paying your bill before or on the due date will indicate you are financially responsible. If you tend to forget due dates, you might want to set up auto-pay functions where the due amount is deducted automatically from your bank account.

Take advantage of grace periods

The government mandates credit card companies to give customers a 21-day (28 days in some countries) grace period to settle their bills. The grace period may extend from the day you are notified of your bill to when the actual payment is due. This period lets you fix your debt without any consequences and better manage your finances. It must, however, be pointed out that the grace period usually applies if you pay off your balances each month.

Create a pay-off plan

Developing a solid plan can help you make credit card payments easily. Under your fiscal action plan, you must dedicate some of your monthly income to your credit card bills. You must also decide if you want to make single or multiple payments per month. And you must choose whether to make automatic payment deductions from your bank or another payment source. 

Pay off your bill

Paying off your bill every month puts you in a good position with your credit card company. It restores your credit limit and prevents any payable interest every month. This helps you stay in better control of your finances. Although it is not mandatory that you pay off your monthly balance (although it’s recommended to pay the minimum balance), it is advisable to clear the monthly bill if you can manage it. 

Utilise alternative repayment channels

Utilise various repayment channels available to you. You can consider bill payment options like online banking, phone, ATM, cash, and repaying with a debit card. You can speak to your personal finance expert if you have any confusion. But using alternative payment options often tends to lower your interest rate. 

Pay the minimum balance – at least

If you are ever faced with a situation that makes it impossible to pay your entire balance, you can still save face by paying the least minimum amount. Paying the minimum recommended amount is the least you can do to protect your credit score. But the downside of paying the minimum amount is that you will have to carry your balance to the next billing cycle, thereby increasing your interest – but not impacting your credit score.


If you are faced with a credit card bill, you can utilise the expert guidelines outlined in this article to pay your bills. The tips provided here are authorised by credit card experts and work all the time. They will preserve your credit score and enable you to clear off your credit card balance from month to month.



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